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Therefore, you are not allowed to use the free version of TeamViewer in any office environments. Does this mean that if my son uses Team Viewer on his laptop at school, to access a file he has left at home on his home computer eg file transfer of his homework that I need to Teamviewer free alternative dating a commercial licence his computers are on my account as I look after them and my wife's.

I though "educational" was included along with "charity"? At School he is connected to the school network - or perhaps if he fired up his own personal hotspot with his phone that would still be personal use?

I have used Teamviewer for about 6 years. When trying to connect the program says that the license period has expired? I've used TeamViewer for personal purposes, but for some reason it detected it as commercial usage and now I cannot use it anymore. What should I do? I submitted a ticket as well and have not heard back from anyone. From looking at the tickets they seem to only care about the paid versions and don't answer people that have the free versions. You can use this form: So if you're using this from your workplace to do some private things at home or help Teamviewer free alternative dating family and friends, you're not allowed to do that on the free license, you need to purchase a commercial license.

I don't know why, but here's the exact response I received from Teamviewer, taken verbatim from the email. Emphasis added by me. Yes, it sounds absurd to me as well but it's their tool and their rules. Obviously purchasing a commercial license for personal use is out of the question so I will have to stop using it and uninstall it Teamviewer free alternative dating the PCs from friends and families.

What does anydesk lack that TV has please?

I dont use all the features, mainly remote control and going to full screen I suppose if you were at work in an office with commercial wifi, which would trigger a "commercial use" flag even thought it's your own personal laptop to your own personal Teamviewer free alternative dating at home, you could fire up a mobile hotspot from your phone and connect via thatso you don't use team viewer whilst connected to an office network.

Unless they use VERY precise location services they cant tell if your phone is in the building or outside it, and anyway if you use your own phone it's clearly private.

I only need access to the PC occasionally using my paid for account to check a few things for this customer. I am getting the message that Teamviewer free alternative dating am using my Teamviewer for non-private purposes. Why is the report coming? I only connect to my devices and sometimes to familiar ones, but everything is private. Hi, by mistake I selected commercial use and now i am unable to access my another system at AUS. Hi I have the same problem.

By mistake I chosed commercial use during the installation on my privte computer and after 3 days I have information about my license expiration.

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