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How to be happy without sex


But why do people are so obsessed with sex? Is it a psychological need or just a satisfaction that gives people an opportunity to fly and walk on air? Sex is a great doctor that improves blood circulation, prolongs the youth of the body and strengthens the immune system.

Although their sexual instinct is very strong and developed, they tend to listen to their hearts and minds, before having any relationships with How to be happy without sex. The prolonged sexual abstinence usually leads to depression and gives birth to various insecurities, fears and some sort of discomfort.

Surely, modern life is full of passions, temptations and provocations.

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Even the Internet and television are overloaded with sexual content. They use sexuality as the tool to attract a lot of people and increase their popularity or sales volume. Frequent sexual stimulations can lead to a pelvic congestion syndrome and trigger constant inflammations.

Thankfully, today many, at first glance undecidable problems are solvable. If you are not ready for kids, adopt stray animals.

This noble gesture will certainly put a stopper on your loneliness, unhappiness and supposed inferiority. Happy children will fill your life with meaning and purpose.

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Many highly successful people say that sometimes sexual abstinence is better than hooking up with total strangers. It can either bring satisfaction or lead to unpleasant consequences. Just enjoy the moment of emotional freedom, when you can do what you want and all the doors are open.

Many of my male friends say that street racing is better than sex.

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You can go for a night drive alone, but you should be sure that your driving skills are perfect, because high speed driving is a challenging thing. Before you decide to play with an accelerator pedal, you should overcome different driving phobias and be ready to take measures in a prompt and effective manner if something suddenly goes wrong.

I can state with confidence that even irregular rides will make your life more interesting and replace your obsessive thoughts about sexual abstinence by new How to be happy without sex and acquaintances. Many women claim shopping is better than sex. Every girl knows that a productive shopping day can improve the mood, clear the mind of negativity and make her eyes shine with happiness.

The more confident women become the more chances to break the vicious circle of sexual abstinence they get. The main thing is to pass by sex shops. As a result, a rush of blood to the pelvic and abdomen areas usually gives the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.

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Read also — Emotional Freedom: Work is the best old school method that helps people to stop the train of negative thoughts. The statistics show that people who work a lot are more resistant to various obsessions and fears.

Furthermore, they find it easier to move on from breakups and cope with different kinds of loss better than the ones who do nothing except thinking about the problem and its possible negative outcomes. If a lack of sex is a big problem for you, then you should plunge into work. Work is one of the most effective and treatments.

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Remember that financial prosperity unties your hands and helps you solve your issues as quickly as possible. Is prolonged sexual abstinence a problem for you?

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