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Arrangement seekers review


This is a site for men and women who are unashamedly looking for a finance-based relationship -- sugar babies who want cash and the sugar daddies who take care of them.

However, despite its specialized nature, it functions, in many ways, like any other dating site. You upload some pictures, write "Arrangement seekers review" things about your personality, then use simple search tools to locate potential matches.

Mainly, the difference between SeekingArrangement and, say, OKCupid lies in the fact that the monetary aspect is a primary part of the experience. This is reflected Arrangement seekers review a bunch of ways. Both are right out in the open: These expectations vary quite a bit.

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Some sugar babies expect to be taken out to a fancy restaurant now and again, whereas others expect their sugar daddy to bankroll their entire lives.

Supplemental information is available in the form Arrangement seekers review an Amazon wishlist where you can see what specific gifts a given sugar baby might be interested in receiving. However, the background check is extensive, and takes some time. Essentially, the free account is a teaser -- you can see potential matches but not interact with them. Premium membership is slightly expensive by dating website standards, but not exorbitant.

This gets you a lot of messages. This is a good site for heterosexual men, especially men with disposable income who want to dispose of it: Although less numerous, there are female sugar daddies and male sugar babies.

Gay relationships are also provided for. Also, the site hosts an entertaining blog which offers statistics about SeekingArrangement users, funny Arrangement seekers review, and tips for its users.

And the relationships requested by sugar babies are quite varied. The only guarantee, overall, is that money will be somehow involved. Signing up for a free account takes minutes, although the account is put on hold for up to 48 hours while your profile and pictures await approval. This approval account is bypassed if you sign up for a premium account.

Filling out a profile is very straightforward, and the profiles are quite minimal. There are no long personality quizzes, for example. Signing up for a premium account is also a quick process.

Many sugar babies are university students Arrangement seekers review to subsidize their degrees through relationships with affluent partners.

Messaging is simple and quick, although limited to premium members. Those with free accounts can receive messages but not read them.

However, according to the user agreement, SeekingArrangement reserves the right to disclose your information if required by law.

Also, the site does collect general statistics about its users, which it shares with its partners.