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Couple casual sex


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Looking for some summer lovin? Well, look no further. Kenneth Play and Dr. This event is attended by over 1, couples, making it the largest lifestyle convention for couples in the world! Talk about a great place to explore some new hookups! These classes do have a maximum capacity, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible to save your spot!

These minute workshops are free to attend, and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis! Anecdotal evidence aside, very little is known about the people who attend play parties and what happens Couple casual sex these events. Brooke Wells Widener University decided to change that.

Between April and Decemberthey collected online survey data from over 1, U. In this presentation, Dr. Zhana will share their findings on Couple casual sex demographic characteristics, psychological and relationship well-being, and sexual health of people who go to play parties as well as the sexual behaviors, condom use, substance use, and sexual consent experiences that occur at play parties. Most people think that monogamy is a safer option Couple casual sex nonmonogamy when it comes to protecting their sexual health.

Research finds that people "Couple casual sex" consensually nonmonogamous relationships have similar rates of STIs as those in monogamous relationships — because not all supposedly monogamous people are faithful to their partners, and when they are, they are less likely to follow safer sex protocols. Indeed, people who are at at high risk for sexual and reproductive health outcomes due to their sexual behaviors Couple casual sex stars, sex workers, people in certain types of CNM relationshipsoften are particularly vigilant about and develop strict safer sex protocols to minimize these risks.

But what exactly should be your safer sex protocol? The largest nonheterosexual group out is not gays, lesbians, or bisexuals.

Who are they and how do they differ from both exclusive heterosexuals and more substantial bisexuals in their sexual orientation profile, personality characteristics, life experiences, attitudes toward sexuality, and health outcomes and behaviors? In this class, we will summarize the research on people who identify as mostly straight, bicurious, or heteroflexible and discuss ways in which this new knowledge influences how we talk and think about sexual orientation in research, theory, practice, and our daily lives.

From a Tinder swipe to a drunken hookup, there has never been a time in recent history when casual sex was more prevalent, accepted, and easily available.

Free Workshop Descriptions

It is, therefore, imperative to arm ourselves with the right information and skills, backed by LegitSexScience, to make smarter decisions about casual sex. Everyone deserves a healthy and authentic sex life where they feel empowered and self-expressed. In this course, Dr. Zhana uses empirical research of casual sex as well as the science of sex itself to teach people about healthier casual hookup practices and learn the scientific evidence that says casual sex might be good for you.

Come learn how to find authenticity in casual hookups, choose your safer sex protocol, negotiate consent, design sustainable long-term relationships with casual sex, manage social stigma, and most importantly, give and receive pleasure!

In this fun seminar, Kenneth will go over a comprehensive list of fifty red-hot things to try at least once in the bedroom or car, party, closet, plane. Excitement is high, curiosity is peaked, and pleasure is just around the corner! Let Kenneth give you some new, playful, and wild ideas of things to add to your sexual bucket list!

Come learn the "Couple casual sex" essential steps to an awesome first-time hookup! The class will Couple casual sex the hookup process from beginning to end, from finding your partner to aftercare and beyond, rewriting the typical script to Couple casual sex for an incredible experience right from the start.

Kenneth will be providing the toys for this workshop, so just bring your curious, sexy selves, and learn the sex hacks for making the most out of this dynamic duo.

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