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Good short sex stories


Teenage Dream meganmorgan - May 27, Views.

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She stretched her long legs out on the seat, barefoot as she'd left her sandals on the floorboard up front. He took in Good short sex stories sight of her breasts, her smooth, flat stomach, and the little slip of gauzy white fabric around her waist, barely hiding what was underneath. She looked so sensual, so sexy, bathed in the afternoon light.

Her hair spread out around her head like shimmering, copper-gold silk. He moved down her body, hands on the seat on either side of her slim waist. He pushed her skirt up over her hips and immediately buried his head between her thighs.

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He breathed in the warm, musky scent of her pussy, and then plunged his tongue into her. She was already wet. Then my words failed me as I felt Sir move his thumb off my clit and into my hole, slowly he rubbed and prodded until he found the right angle and then he was in. Sir, slow please Sir! Never have I had ever felt so spread and so full.

The walls of my hole molded around the shape of his hand holding him Good short sex stories tight as they could, protecting me from the inevitable onslaught that was about to come. They were thinking they had found a private spot to spread their blanket. It was so close to where Beth sat among the sea oats, that "Good short sex stories" could hear the kiss. The laughter abruptly stopped, replaced by soft murmurings.

Beth stiffened; listened intently to the mouth noises; Read full story. My best friend sex story Horny Lady - January 19, Views. My husband tasted her pussy by putting his fingers into his Good short sex stories, then smiled and extended his finger to my direction. He lowered his head onto her clit sucking her cunt lips, sending Terry shivering and screaming.

Her cries were making me harder by the second; this sex goddess with her legs spread in front of me begging for my cock was more than a dream come true. I took a step closer and held the base of my cock as I slid the head just in the entrance of her hole. Then I pulled out and rubbed it along her slit keeping pressure on it so it rubbed her clit as I went.

Then back inside, then out, going a bit deeper each time. Slowly she slipped one tit out and placed the nipples between her fingers.

I couldn;t stop fucking her, it felt so good with my hard Good short sex stories so deep in her tight little pussy.

A chance like this only comes around like this once in a lifetime and hell; Read full story. Shy Wife lyruv - April 21, Views.

So, I imagined so many times the following conversation. Closing my hand in a duck-bill shape I slid Good short sex stories of my fingers and thumb into her cunt up to my knuckles. She positioned herself waiting for the onslaught of my fist sliding into her hole. Please fist me — please! I want it shove it in there!

Are you a good enough slut? Amazing Anne Shaun - October 20, Views. I became friends with Anne for a few years, I always fancied her but she had a boyfriend, she was very beautiful young woman she was a nurse at rest home. Anyway we lost touch for a few years then unexpectedly we met in the local supermarket, I was so pleased to see her again, we talked awhile, she invited me back to her home for coffee, I agreed so we Good short sex stories to her home a short distance away.

When we arrived at her home we talked as she made coffee, she told me she had parted from her partner some months before, I couldn't believe my luck! She was so easy to talk with, sometimes we meet people and just immediately gel with.

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She leaned forward and kissed me Read full story. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members. Get your erotica book featured here. I wish he would. My wife's Best Friend. Why do I smile?

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