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You know you re a firefighter when


Shortly after it was established though, the Department had to assist the St. Maarten fire station during Hurricane Luis in Talk of a baptism of fire, literally.

You Know You're A Firefighter...

The latter, according to another year veteran of the department, Mauricio A. In fact, as a popular pinup legend states: But there have been changes in structure and in aircrafts as well.

The training at the time was more like a crash course.

Today, the foundation of the department is very, very strong, where it concerns training. The initial course was a Dutch system. The new guys come back from the US with more information and education. According to Webster, one of the major changes in the department concerns the age of the personnel. We have a new, young breed now. Cooks who has done both military and volunteer firefighting when he was in the United States said in his experience, women make very fine firefighters as well.

They will give the men more competition and keep them on their toes. You know, there is nothing like women "You know you re a firefighter when" make men more competitive. Indeed, the management of the department is focused on recruiting female firefighters.

Firefighter: It’s not something you...

The process of filling the four available vacancies will start shortly, according to Penijn, who said women have also applied for these positions.

The brand new facility to house the department that will be constructed soon will have provisions for female firefighters that were lacking in the previous fire station, Penijn said. Cooks, his deputy, sees the new facility and the consistent training of the personnel as a moral booster. A new building is coming.

When do you really know...

They make sure we get what we need to get the job done. This, of course, does not include other costs like the fire engines and other equipment and training. We have to do aircraft firefighting training on a yearly basis in accordance with ICAO requirements.

In other parts of the world, they really honor their firemen. I know the community supports us in other ways, but the respect and consideration of the job we do can still be better. News Releases Events Newsletters. And it feels quite strange when they're immediately taken off you and . This should be titled "26 Things Firefighters Wish Everybody Knew. You Know You're A Firefighter When 1.