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Wasting my time with online hookup


Is online dating a waste of time for most guys? As you might guess I am a guy with absolutely no success with online dating. I feel like I would probably be happier if I just stopped trying. Anyone else feel this way?

Am I just wasting my time? In Wasting my time with online hookup end, you are the only one who can decide where your effort is best focused because you're the one who'll be putting in the effort. Online dating can be difficult for men but there are still many who pull it off anyway.

Just to clarify, it's not even enough to not be unattractive, you have to actually be attractive. Actually, according to OKCupid Trends, you have to be a 9 or a 10 according to women. I did get replies and then they'd stop. Most likely because my responses were terrible. Then again, who knows. I prefer to just go up to someone anyway. You've been downvoted, but your main point is correct. I do think you're mistaken in terms of getting girls for sex, when I'm pretty sure OP wants more. He is being downvoted because he doesn't bring a good point.

Ofc, if you don't try or are really bad at flirting, the results will be bad nobody say the opposite. But if you are really good looking not just above average with normal social skills you will have good results. If you are a 9 or a 10 and you know how to flirt the "Wasting my time with online hookup" are usually very good. Nah not really, i have a friend who literally gets pussy thrown at him.

Dudes slept with 18 chicks and he's only 19, most of those chicks are pretty damn hot too. Chicks just hit him up randomly to hang or straight out just hook up. I had a similar number when i was that age too, it doesn't mean anything really. The difference is that he doesn't let it bother Wasting my time with online hookup when he does get rejected. You're going to be fighting with the masses for a trickle of messages. You know that there are hookers on OKC and the sample of people making over K isn't really big.

Recently, there was an article...

So your point isn't really good, you don't need to make that much to have success there. It doesn't matter if the sample size of people making Wasting my time with online hookup or more is large at all, because that's not your sample size. Your measuring the number of messages on the site. So if you have 90 messages going to 3 people and 10 messages going to 97 people, it's a valid analysis.

Because youre not measuring 3 people, you're measuring messages. And the number of hookers on okcupid is a statistically insignificant number. The okc statistics don't say that, at least not those ones: Right, they say men who make k or more are in the 90th percentile for messages received, which isn't quite the same, but at that point it's just quibbling. Men who make assloads of money receive the majority of messages on the site.

Well, obviously people who make a lot of money get a lot of attention, I agree but the stats are more about the facts that poor people will have troubles. Men who earn average income still have answers. I'm hardly the most attractive guy ever very average IMO, maybe a little belowand while I hardly ever get messages from girls, if I decide to message them, it's very rare that I downright get ignored.

While my to-date only girlfriend now ex was actually met IRL, before that I did have several flirts with girls met online, they just never developed. So no, I wouldn't say it's a waste of time. But then again, maybe I'm just a likeable person, or more attractive than I think. Something doesn't give here. You're either exceedingly humble or plain ignorant of your good "Wasting my time with online hookup" or you have something on your that either truthfully or falsely inflates your social status.

Well, a lot of people consider me fairly arrogant, so probably not that And what do you mean inflates social status?

Can't really say yes or no until I understand what you mean. Anything that makes it seem like you have a high social status. Think the popular jock back in highschool, but out in the real world.

Welcome to Reddit,

I go to Venezuela once a year to hang glide off a mountain, everybody should do it at least once. A little about yourself: I know 4 languages, am a Harvard Suda Cum "Wasting my time with online hookup," and frequently attend presidential campaign donation dinners with my buddies R.

A lot of that is hyperbole, but true or not, it has the same effect of elevating your social status in the eyes of potential mates. Women consider a males social status, like a man considers a woman's looks when determining whether or not they would be a suitable partner. That's not to say one considers either of those things exclusively, just that the genders evaluate one more stringently than the other.

Then no, not really. I'm a geeky dude studying Medialogy don't know what American equivalent is, but think implementing new technology in the entertainment worldI do speak kinda 4 languages 2 fluently and 2 basic. But honestly no, nothing that should elevate my social status. I had no replies when I had old facebook photos.

But when I got new, better ones, I didnt even have do anything, because girl were messaging me. I've been told many times by many women that I'm beautiful, maybe its who I am as I make people laugh.

I think I just don't look good in 2d. We're not talking about ugly men here. One of my very good friends is objectively rather good looking, but he has trouble getting any interest in women more attractive than "eh". As much as we like to Wasting my time with online hookup otherwise, but at least a bit of physical attraction is required, otherwise you're just going to be friends.

If she's talking about people on the same "level" as you, she probably also means people who take care of their appearance as much as you.

It can be incredibly soul-crushing, to be sure. Sending out thoughtful messages and getting no responses get old fast. But, I've found that if I just check in periodically, women will message me Wasting my time with online hookup very often, but it happens. Oddly, I seem to attract slightly chubby 21 year olds that don't drive. Your chance of getting a date with a woman that messages you first are a lot higher than the other way around.

On the paid sites there's plenty of 'I've run out of tokens to message people, so you'll need to message me'. I got sick of never getting answers so I've just stopped trying. Periodically I'll get messages, and yea It's always fairly large women.

You guys got some iron wills. Tinder was even worse, I always responded immediately and girls would take hours to respond because they've "turned off notifications. And of course less attractive women will be the ones messaging. I have a hard time believing an attractive women would message first. When I try messaging girls I'm actually attracted too, it's hit and miss.

It's not necessarily useless, but I've long believed that a man throws a good deal of his advantage away when opting to use online dating services. There's nary a man alive who comes across better on paper than he does in person This is unfortunately true.

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