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I have no idea whether or not Anthony Lomardi has sexually harrassed the aforementioned teacher.

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However, he exemplies the poorly educated principals who were appointed after the end of qualifying exams and the abolition of the Board of Examiners. The educational rotgut that he espouses is a product of TEachers' College. It is scripted education, which Lombardi will not allow to be adapted to the needs of the pupils in his school.

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Indeed, he is so rigid, that kindergarten kids have been denied play and snack times. While there can be a beneficent side to him, he was terribly cruel to a teacher who was dying of a brain tumor. He gave her an unsatisfactory rating in order to coerce her into retirement. For that alone, Lombardi should have been terminated. Lombardi is known throughout district 24 as favoring young teachers with short skirts.

Many of his staff has run away from him. But given the authoritarian and vindictive nature of several principals in the district, and the laissez faire attitude of the district rep, it is no surprise that Lombardi has continued to reign over PS Has always been a crazy, different from other districts kind of place. This monster is now at my daughter's school a few times a week. I saw him in action one day, while visiting my daughter at lunch time.

He is one of the most disgusting males I've ever encountered. He is, understandably, hated by every single staff member, without exception. He is demoralizing, unprofessional, and uncivilized. He is supposedly mentoring the new principal of my daughter's school. I'm sure that will end in disaster, and they will wind up closing the school. More than three quarters of the teachers there already have resumes out. Queens teacher accuses principal of sexual harassment, says she was forced to resign Anthony Lombardi allegedly hit Sexual harassment nyc doe subcentral Lisa Calise for the entirety of her two years as a special education teacher at Public School 49 in Middle Village.

The principal of a Queens public school has been accused of sexually harassing a special education teacher who says in a lawsuit that she was forced to Sexual harassment nyc doe subcentral after she rejected his disgusting come-ons. Lisa Calise worked at Public School 49 in Middle Village for two Sexual harassment nyc doe subcentral, beginning inand says in a suit filed recently in Brooklyn Federal Court that Principal Anthony Lombardi hit on her from the get-go.

The harassment continued throughout the entire time she taught at the school, according to the suit.

S even years ago, Anthony Lombardi, principal of P. He started acting as if he actually ran the place.

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Policing is like the Army—it is a kind of paramilitary institution. And I would hope that teaching would never become a paramilitary institution. What does she make of the efforts of a principal like Lombardi? Weingarten jumps in before I can finish the question.

He has railroaded people out of that school for years. In his first year at P. The UFT rep had a busy time of it, too. And "Sexual harassment nyc doe subcentral" big difference is, all the kids knew him, said hello to him, wanted to show him their work.

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Shannon notes that it takes a lot of fine-tuning. On the other hand, she prefers a philosophy to a script. Klein has done his own digging into the UFT contract. He wants to override seniority and move the best teachers into the worst schools, and to change the notorious Circular 6 rule that keeps teachers from having to provide discipline in the halls and the cafeteria.

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Will you get every kid ready for Harvard, Yale, or Princeton? Yeah, that you can do. I think that is a realistic expectation—to have them reading at eighth-grade level.

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