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Sexual brazilian portuguese phrases


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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Brazilian Portuguese -- Street talk and useful phrases. Thread starter sucuri Start date Nov 3, If you can speak Spanish already, you'll have a much easier time in Brazil 'cause they'll more Sexual brazilian portuguese phrases less understand you.

Still, here are some phrases and words I've found useful Hey bro, could you hook me up with one of your cigarettes?

Brazilian Portuguese -- Street talk...

Carona -- A free ride. You think you could give me a lift to the next town? To help out, usually with money, but could mean give a hand too. You don't wanna help us out a little? Or, you're struggling with something heavy. Help me out here! I'm really stoned, man. Malandro -- Scumbag, crook, thief Malandragem -- Scumbaggery, Thievery.

Sacanagem -- Fucking around, either literally or figuratively. Ontem a noite foi muito sacanagem Yesterday night there was a lot of fucking around going on Parem com essa sacanagem, gente! Stop fucking around, guys! Fuder, transar -- to fuck, to have sex vulgar Fazer amor, fazer sexo -- To have sex not vulgar Cagar -- To take a shit Cagar no pau -- Literally, "to take a shit on the dick" -- or, to fuck something up. Pisar na bola -- Literally, "to Sexual brazilian portuguese phrases on the ball" -- or screw something up.

Less vulgar than the above.

I ain't eating that bread. It's been in the bottom of your backpack for at least three weeks.

You could say Porra! It could also mean this is awesome, depending on your tone. O cara foi embora com o meu dinheiro, mano!

The guy disappeared with my money, man! Or puta que pariu! O que foi isso?? Pode crer -- Right on. Estou procurando -- I'm looking for Estou meio perdido Anyway, that's all for now. Hope it helps anyone who makes it down here.

Brazil is pretty much a bum's paradise. Friendly people with a vulgar sense of humor. Shit tons of Sexual brazilian portuguese phrases kids in the cities. Only thing lacking is the weed -- that could be a lot better. Oh, and here is a cool language trick I learned down here: In the English language there are about words that end in the suffix -tion. There is a Sexual brazilian portuguese phrases simple way to turn these into Portuguese words.

Of course, there are a few exceptions -- but most translate perfectly this way. Now think of some English words that end in the suffix -ty. To turn these into Portuguese just remove the -ty and add -dade pronounced "da-jay.

You won't learn these words...

Once again, there are some notable exceptions, like for example felicidade in Portuguese Sexual brazilian portuguese phrases "happiness," not "felicity. Lastly, take English words that end in -al. These words are the excat same in Portuguese Sexual brazilian portuguese phrases they are in English. You just change the pronunciation a little bit -- for example, "crystal" would be pronounced krish-tahl and "artificial" would be ahr-chi-fee-seeahl As usual, there are some exceptions, like Espacial in Portuguese is not "Espacial" in English.

And you know what, you can even use this for Spanish. It's almost exactly the same, since Spanish and Portuguese are sister languages. The -al words also just stay the same. The only differance between Spanish and Portuguese with these words is generally when they are in plural form; for example, "generals" in Portuguese is Generais, whereas in Spanish it's Generales.

So in Portuguese the plural ending is generally an -iswheras Spanish is generally an -es. Sorry for the lecture I just thought I would add that. Apart from being extremely useful, it's downright interesting!

And think about it -- you just learned about Portuguese words in the time it took you to read this post.

(This contains lots of bad...

ATX Newbie Nov 25, I don't even know where to Sexual brazilian portuguese phrases. Some useful phrases and such, it just makes me feel like an idiot reading it though. I keep trying to pronounce the words and know for a fact I am nowhere close haha. ATXonce you get used to the accent the words start to roll off your tongue. You just gotta get used to it. Top Poster of the Month.

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