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First things homosexual marriage in china


This article is a travel topic. Travellers in China may decide to marry a local. Quite a few foreign men marry Chinese women and some foreign women marry Chinese men.

Marriage customs, like almost everything else in China, are changing. In traditional Chinese society, marriages were arranged by families and matchmakers.

Later, in early Communist China, marriages were arranged mainly by Party officials and one could not marry without permission from one's workgroup roughly the Chinese equivalent of a Soviet. Today there is considerable movement toward free choice, and considerable movement toward women's rights.

However, there are still matchmakers and both family and Party may still have considerable influence, at least in some cases. As anywhere, some caution is necessary for anyone contemplating marriage. A particular risk in China is the "visa hound", the woman who pursues a man mainly because he has the right passport; if she marries him, she gets a visa. That said, most people are just looking for Mr.

A court has accepted China's...

Right, and many people do form happy cross-cultural pairs. Getting married in China can be time consuming and expensive. There are numerous bureaucratic hurdles to leap before a marriage certificate will be granted.

The obstacles may seem daunting, but if you follow the rules and have a little patience you and your partner will be able to tie the knot in China with minimum hassle.

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