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Facts about black men


Blacks have long outnumbered whites in U. At the end offederal and state prisons in the United States held aboutinmates who were black andwho were white — a difference of 47, according to BJS.

Inby comparison, there wereFacts about black men andwhites — a difference of 94, This analysis counts only inmates sentenced to more than a year.

The gap between white and Hispanic imprisonment also narrowed between andbut not because of a decrease in Hispanic prisoners. Instead, the number of white prisoners fell while the number of Hispanic inmates remained essentially flat.

At the end ofthere weremore white inmates than Hispanic inmatesvs. Overall, there were 1, sentenced prisoners in the U.

In an effort to honor...

Apart from blacks, whites and Hispanics, these totals include inmates from other races and those from mixed racial and ethnic backgrounds. The figures only count people "Facts about black men" federal and state correctional facilities, including those held in privately run prisons that contract with the government; they exclude most inmates held in locally run jails. The racial and ethnic makeup of U. Inthere were 1, black prisoners for everyblack adults — more than five times the imprisonment rate for whites perand nearly double the rate for Hispanics perFor all three of these groups, imprisonment rates have declined substantially since Experts have offered a range of explanations for the pronounced drop in the black imprisonment rate.