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Cleaning up do not turn off your computer


Luckily it spilled where the screen meets the base of the computer so I think all of it went through. In my panic however, I quickly unplugged the power cord and I shut off the computer. I then blow-dryed it for about an hour.

Do not turn off your...

After the hour, I decided to turn it on. At this point my heart is pounding hoping nothing fries. A little while before this I installed the Windows Service Pack 1 on "Cleaning up do not turn off your computer" Windows 7 Home Premium, however I had never shut off the computer between when I installed it and then shut it off from the water.

So when it turned on hopefully with no water damage it started to configure the service pack. Now ten minutes wasn't too long, but I was still worried that it stalled from the water. So in my stupidity I Cleaning up do not turn off your computer shut off the computer during the configuration I still regret the decision. Upon turning it on again, I got an error message below the windows symbol during startup, and the startup wouldn't continue.

After hours of google searching the error I found a fix in which I changed these files to thefilename. It worked, and it brought me to my desktop with no trouble. I then ran a chkdsk and a system restore to before installing the service pack to be sure I was safe. Everything turned out fine. Now a week later I wanted to install the Battlefield 3 Beta, and I got some error message which I thought had something to do with Origin. So I googled it So I did, but about 20 minutes after running it said there was an update already in cue, and that I shoul dreboot then retry.

So I rebooted, and as it turns out there was an update. So it started to configure, but then said 'Failure to configure windows update.

Reverting changes' The computer reboots. Says 'Failure configuring windows update. However now it did bring me to my desktop.

Computer froze, force restarted, now...

Sorry for such a long explanation. More about please turn computer freakin turned. Then update the PC and don't turn it off. I have tried doing a system restore to before I shut it off.

Computer suddenly turned off and it won't turn back on. Can't find your answer? You really think a complete reformat would be the best solution? No ones got anything that might work?

Asus computers typicaly come with recovery disks.

Do not turn off your...

Well, my 3 laptops did idk bout yours. If not just do like the other said and download windows from microsoft or Cleaning up do not turn off your computer othr trusted site like cnet. Or if u can't, try to get like a big flash drive. I highly reccomend the cd method, as I have never had problems with it and some computers don't let u use flash memory as a boot option. It will prepare the files and say either custon install or clean install.

This will wipe everything. Then it will say choose a Cleaning up do not turn off your computer drive to install. Choose ur drive and selc format. Then allocate the disk space to the highest it will let you. Then click next and u should be on ur way to reformating ur pc.

If u don't understand there r plenty of vids on youtube teaching u how to do this. Btw the process is the same for wndows 7 as for xp so any video will work. Chirag Borawake Oct 5, Before formatting, try satrting your windows in safe mode. Once you start it, insert the windows 7 disc and hit 'Repair'. You dont have to format everything Even if I would have done that if i were you.

Asus notebooks come with a hidden partition that enables you to clean install Windows to factory settings.

Upon power up, keep hitting the F9 key and that should get you to a Windows clean install window. If not just do like the other said and download windows from microsoft or any othr trusted site like cnet. I've already tried that. Can any point to a good tutorial on doing a complete restore? A lot are saying the download windows 7 and just reinstall, but how could it install the right drivers.

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