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What does internet grooming mean


Online grooming typically involves an older person attempting to get close to a child with the intention of sexually harming them. Grooming is a problem in the real world too, but the internet provides perpetrators with a platform where they can easily pretend to be someone else in the knowledge that there will be children out there who are do not understand the risks of speaking with someone whose identity they do not know.

NSPCC figures show that almost one in four eight to year-olds in the UK - and three "What does internet grooming mean" four 12 to year-olds - has a social media profile, meaning thousands of children could potentially be at risk. Parents, teachers and other care providers all have a key role to play in protecting What does internet grooming mean wellbeing of children and vulnerable young people, and Virtual College provides a range of e-learning safeguarding courses to help improve understanding of the risks.

In many cases, groomers are not actually strangers but are known to the victim, meaning it can be hard for caregivers to spot the signs of grooming, particularly if the relationship is being conducted online. Sometimes, a child will simply believe that they have a new boyfriend or girlfriend and won't recognise that they are being groomed at all. Therefore, it is down to parents, teachers, youth workers What does internet grooming mean others in a position of authority who interact with children to look out for signs of fake social media profiles, chatroom accounts or a change in behaviour for the child.

For example, if they start acting secretive, begin to withdraw from activities they used to enjoy, experience more nightmares or become aggressive, it's essential to try to find out about their online activity. Perpetrators of online grooming often try to bribe children with gifts to gain their trust, asking victims to send them sexual images or videos in return.

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