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How many black people live in montana


Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Hi Everyone, I'm a mixed-race black female in my early 40's, married to a wonderful though sometimes crotchetywhite man in his mid's. He is a native Montanan, but lived in Seattle for 20 years before moving here to L.

How do say this? He cannot stand how people are so superficial out here, or the way they drive rudelyor how people here are inconsiderate etc. There are many reasons he hates it here and no amount How many black people live in montana nice weather will make him want to stay.

In spite of the fact that I grew up in L. I'm at the point where I too, want to get away and move somewhere How many black people live in montana things are a bit more sane. So we are planning to move to Missoula in a couple of months, since he lived there before he grew up in Great Falls. I started researching Montana and particularly Missoula and though I've always known Montana doesn't have a sizeable black population or other non-white races for that matterI was pretty taken aback to see that the number of black people in Missoula is Aside from the countless times I've been the only black person in a crowd of people like a heavy metal night club or rock concertI have always been in a racially mixed environment.

There is no shortage of eating at restaurants that serve foods that are Mexican, Indian, Peruvian, Japanese, Chilean, Brazilian, Ethiopian and many others.

So what should I expect living in Missoula as black person ? Can I expect people to assume the worst stereotype one would have about a black female? As an interracial couple, will my hubby and I be getting The Look? Are there places in Montana that a black person avoids for safety reasons i. I hope I haven't offended anyone with these questions.

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I'm honestly wanting to know what should I expect in Missoula, as well as the entire state in general. As for dining and entertainment, I already know since Missoula is small, there How many black people live in montana very few restaurants that serve food from other countries, and I couldn't find if there are any venues for big-name acts. What are things you can do in Missoula for recreation? Thanks in advance for your answers.

Prepare to slow down and breathe easy. I never noticed any racial tensions, nor did I ever see people of other races working on my crew get treated any differently by the residents of towns we worked near.

Hi, I'm in Missoula. I'm white and grew up in the South so was shocked at the lack of racial diversity the first summer I worked here in Montana. That said, I think Missoula is your best choice in the state Bozeman would be good, too, as both are university towns with more diversity than the rest of Montana.

Here in a college town, there are a fair number of ethnic groups and races other How many black people live in montana white. I don't think people stare but am not sure I would be noticing that anyway, as I tend to kind of daydream when I'm walking around don't worry, folks, I pay attention to my driving!

I see mixed-race couples and don't think they get The Look either. However, I will say that children from isolated areas who come to town with their families to shop may stare, simply because they may literally never see a black person when they live.

But then they don't have any stereotypes either, hopefully. I agree with you that there's a sad dearth of ethnic food and restaurants in Missoula. Probably some more I'm not thinking of off the top of my head.

UM gets some big music groups for concerts, but not many. I believe they are planning to upgrade the coliseum in hopes of attracting more acts. UM football and basketball have huge followings, especially football. There are several theater groups.

Outdoor recreation is king -- hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing downhill and cross-countryboating, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, rafting, and so on. Any other questions, just ask!

I'd avoid living in extreme northwest Montana, as that has a bad reputation for hate groups. I met a pretty black girl with dreadlocks working at the coffeeshop in WHitefish when I visiting there 2 years ago for my trip to Glacier. She seem to like living there and didn't have problems.

However, I will agree that perhaps Kalispell or "How many black people live in montana" real backwoodsy remote town isn't the best place for a black person to live. You may also consider Boise, as it has quite a large black population compaerd to the rest of the area.

I saw a lot of black people all over Boise area. However, Boise is kinda ugly, but there How many black people live in montana definitely a slower pace of life there compared to So Cal and there is beautiful mountains and scenery about 2 hours away. RotseCherut, I did mean the Flathead Valley in general and then north and west of it. Tourist towns like Whitefish and Bigfork, though, I agree with you -- not so racist.

Over the years I've read a lot of people say they're not interested in moving to Kalispell because of the Neo-Nazi group.

The percentage growth of Blacks...

I think they should make their feelings known to the Chamber of Commerce there! Btw, I lived in Kalispell back in the '70s. What a pretty little place.

No Neo-Nazis, not much traffic Oh, and north Idaho also has some notorious NN groups, unfortunately. CityGirl, I had to read your post several times, not because it was confusing, but more because I like the way it was worded.

The percentage growth of Blacks...

Diversity - being composed of differing elements I absolutely hate that term. So often it is used as an absolute. It simply means the numbers are the same. I have lived all over this country and too often I saw numbers that were equal, but never together, the town was segregated.

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