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Wife husband friend


She would want to know. To mete out some kind of punishment? To save themselves from the humiliation of everybody talking about them behind their backs?

Because, anyway, why should he get away with it? You see, I would once have agreed. I remember so clearly the delivery of that gut-punching news. A friend told me on a walk. I confronted my husband, of Wife husband friend I did — tearfully. He denied having been unfaithful.

He never confronted the woman who accused him, and I always wondered why not: I would have done exactly that — and immediately. He kept firmly quiet. His silence was deafening and incriminating all at the same time.

Once a seed of doubt has been sown, it quickly becomes a jungle of qualms, fed by every cold shoulder, every turn of the head. I excavated events from years ago: I was standing behind him, seven months pregnant. I was bitter, I made caustic comments about other women — such an unattractive trait in a woman. I stopped being spontaneous, I was a Wife husband friend less fun. It unspooled my confidence.

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