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So youre dating a vampire walkthrough


Transylvania was released in by Polarware, but seeing as the game is now abandonware I can legally publish a link to it right here. Anyways, Transylvania is a I guess you could call it a survival horror game. It's a text-based game, so you enter commands to perform actions, and it can be frustrating in that if you don't word the command exactly right, the game won't understand what you want to do.

This game is appealing regardless.

The ambitious RPG from the...

The blood-sucking fiends from beyond the grave sorry Pyke, I stole your line "So youre dating a vampire walkthrough" kidnapped Princess Sabrina, and it's your job to get her back.

Of course, it's the middle of the night, and you will soon find a note "Sabrina dies at dawn! I'll try to cover just how you know what to do at different points of the game, rather than just "go here, go there, pick up this". I think I've spelled it out pretty clearly, like, if I say "head north", then you can put in commands like 'north', 'go north', 'walk north', and things of the sort.

If I say "take the pistol", you can type 'pick up pistol', 'take pistol', things like that. Input your name, and then the name of your next of kin.

Nov 5, - So youre...

I always laugh when that line comes up. And you're dumped on a path leading north, with an odd- looking stump in front of you. Look at the stump, and you'll see that there's some writing on it that you can't read, because it's covered in sentiment.

Walk off, the only way you can, which is north. On the next screen, ignore the cave on the right, cos you can't get in, and head west, into the dark part of the forest. There you will see the note I mentioned, on the ground, so read it.

Now, you can kinda explore here, if you want. The game doesn't actually tell you how to start your quest. So from this screen, you can really head whatever way you wish, but I'll just get on with the story and say So youre dating a vampire walkthrough north.

Head north past the log cabin, and on the next screen is a old horse-drawn wagon. If you get in the wagon, you'll see a nice wooden coffin.

You can't open the coffin though, it's nailed shut. Opening it sounds like a good idea. So let's find something to open it with. Keep heading north, past the cemetery, until you get to the dismal part of the forest and can go no further. Then head east, to find a nice big old house. There's a path leading around the north side of the house, so take it. Behind the So youre dating a vampire walkthrough, there's a pot of some sort, and a set of doors leading Well, now you just can't see a thing.

So you're left with your sense of touch to navigate. Feel the floor slimy, YUKthen the wall. When you touch the wall, something metallic will fall to the ground. Feel the floor again, and you'll find it was a metal bar that fell, so take it.

Could we use this metal bar to say, open the coffin back in that horse-drawn wagon? Before we head back that way, go up the stairs, head south to the front of the house, then enter the "So youre dating a vampire walkthrough." Lots of werewolves around here, so keep moving. You can ignore the bread if you want, it serves no purpose, and head up the stairs. We can use that to kill that pesky werewolf, once we find some bullets for it.

So pick it up, and head down and out of the house. How to get back to the horse-drawn wagon? From the front of the house, go west twice, then south until you find it. Note that those directions aren't the opposite of the ones you used to get to the house, the whole place is in some sort of weird loop. Okay, found the wagon? There's a trick here, to manage your inventory. Drop the pistol in the wagon, then use the bar to open the coffin. Just 'open coffin' will suffice.