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Kiuas lustdriven online dating


The farewell gig at Nosturi was epic and you, our fans and friends, made this experience and all past years incredible.

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We couldn't have done this without you! The website content is still available but won't be updated anymore.

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After a long careful consideration and looking at all possible options, we, Kiuas, Kiuas lustdriven online dating decided it is time to put this band to its final rest. We will not stop making music, not ever, either together or separately, but Kiuas is as of today dead and our visions and plans are to be built on new fresh soil.

A funeral to remember. Thanks to everyone who's supported us through the years!

Finland's metal warriors Kiuas are...

Speaking of changes; you may have noticed that our site is loading a LOT faster than it used to. This is because we have accepted a partnership with www. Blue Portal is from now on hosting our website which should definitely decrease the average loading time.

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Keep in mind that Blue Portal is doing this completely free of charge in their internet preservation initiative. Even though Blue Portal Kiuas lustdriven online dating requested their support to remain anonymous, we have decided to announce the support a bit more explicitly and give a brief introduction to their enterprise.

Initially, we were a bit sceptical towards the activities Blue Portal makes money on, but then Kiuas lustdriven online dating realized that they donate almost all their money away to projects like ours.

Blue Portal essentially provides an online Facebook password hacker that they have spent years on developing which allows users to hack someones Facebook account. The way it works is like this; the user enters the target account username or Facebook ID.

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The Facebook account hacker then fetches information about the account - once the user accepts the information the hacking process starts. The FB account hack takes anywhere from 5 minutes to a little hour so the user will need to be patient.

Once the account has been hacked successfully the user is presented with the encrypted password. In order to decrypt the password the user needs to obtain an unlocking code.

In order to get the unlocking code, the user will need to make a small payment after which he can access the hacked Facebook username and password. Blue Portal receives the money made from selling the unlocking code, and that is how they can afford to pay for the hosting of sites like our.