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More than a dozen versions of the telenovela have been made in other countries due to the popularity of the plot. Betty, la Fea re-aired on Spanish-language U. Eight years after the telenovela's original run, the highly anticipated return of the original version of Yo Soy Betty, La Fea delivered impressive ratings for the network, attracting over one million viewers, more than half a million of which were adults aged 18— In addition, the premiere episode doubled and in some cases nearly tripled its prior audience among all key demographics.

Betty, la fea is one of the world's most popular television shows and is considered the most famous Latin telenovela in history. It is the first telenovela to have been remade worldwide and has been regarded as bringing the telenovela to new levels of success.

Ugly Betty Wikipedia.

Armando is a very incompetent playboy with a scheme to turn a huge profit as the new president of Eco Moda, a clothing manufacturing company. But his scheme is doomed for his faulty mathematics. Because Betty, his secretary and economics wizardis enamored with him, she helps Armando deceive the board of directors as he loses money and Brzydula betty colombia online dating the company to ruin.

The "Brzydula betty colombia online dating" has three movements: The structure is much like a classical symphony in three movements. The first is sonata-allegro, acted out with very fast velocity: The second is a slow short movement with much time spent showing parades and the like in Cartagena counterpoised vs. The third is the stabilization of Eco Moda under Betty's presidency ending with the marriage of Betty and Armando with the birth of their baby.

Betty constantly faces the scorn of Eco Moda's attractive manager-owners but proves herself indispensable to Eco Moda's new president, Armando Mendoza. She becomes Armando's accomplice in a clandestine scheme to save Eco Moda from financial ruin, part of which scheme is that Armando should seduce Betty while engaged to Marcela, an executive and Brzydula betty colombia online dating holder of the company.

But while Armando proceeds cynically to seduce a woman who is physically repugnant to him Bettyhe becomes enamored of him, and they fornicate. Armando Mendoza, who is Eco Moda's new president, is the handsome and stupid though supposedly educated son of the company's retiring co-founder Roberto Mendoza. He is engaged to Marcela Valencia because he needs her vote to be president.

He is reluctant to hire Patricia because he knows that Marcela wants her there to spy on him, given his reputation as a womanizer. Armando then interviews Betty. While he notices her "ugliness", he likes the idea that she is well-educated in economics.

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