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Ako skratit pesnicku online dating


A tak aj bolo. Tam sme si sadli a sledovali okolie. Dnu sa veru nedostaneme. Bol som ako v raji. Chcel som viac a viac. A tak sa aj stalo. Samo ju odklikol na Tinderi a teraz ju balil. Na Bazookas sme len tak chillovali v tieni. Tam hrali Everything everything. A tak sme sa zastavili. To sa ale nedalo. Bazuky at its Ako skratit pesnicku online dating Silent Disco it is! Na viac som sa nezmohol. A aj sa tak stalo. Ale nakoniec sa podarilo. Pohoda palec hore! Published on July 14, So the season is now gone!

And what a season that was. Well, nothing exciting really happened with City claiming the title since the winter, but some records were broken. I could be happier So was I being a bit psychic before the start of the season? Let's have a look: Manchester City My prediction: After season before how Pep's team played I could not see them winning the title by this margin. But the players turned up in most games. When you're reading through their line-up it's like looking at the class of ' I could go on.

But to win it with such a style, nobody saw that coming. I went for them to be second anyway so there wasn't such a big difference to my prediction.

Manchester United My prediction: The way he played proved me otherwise. Europa League winners Ako skratit pesnicku online dating far from City's masterclass.

With Sanchez boost in the winter I could still see the things turning in the right direction for them, but he turned out to be a waste of a player. After all they did not do too badly. It's the way they play. That's certainly not the 'United way'. Tottenham Hotspur My prediction: "Ako skratit pesnicku online dating" wasn't only me who had few doubts about Spurs playing away from home.

Their record there wasn't good and for the first few games I got it quite right. Away they were still pretty decent and later they even managed to take over the England's national home ground. My prediction was 5 places off and seriously, I did not see them succeeding. Their team spirit did amazing things though and finished in the bronze position. Very well done I must say.

But now even the last Spurs' fan is pretty excited about the new stadium. Salah was a nightmare for the defenders of the opposite teams.

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Scoring week in week out I don't know where he was hiding until now. And to do that in such shit team is quite remarkable.

After Coutinho left I did not see very bright future for the scousers but they beat unbeatable City. I must applaud Liverpool for their season.

Even making it into UCL final is something i didn't see coming in million years. Klopp is a man who can make miracles but would they be where they are without Salah?