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Dating moorcroft


Moorcroft signatures and marks help to Dating moorcroft who designed your piece of Moorcroft and can also be used to date pieces of Moorcroft. Today, members of the design studioas well as guest designers, have their own monogram and these can be found at the back of each of Dating moorcroft books. Click here to view Designers' Monograms. The very first Moorcroft Florian ware marks originate from and have a standard brown Florian ware mark as well as the signature of William Moorcroft, painted in green.

These pieces occasionally have a pattern registration number. The mark on pottery made between and is similar, but with William Moorcroft's initials rather than a full signature tending to be more common.

Between the years of andpottery was stamped with a Macintyre and Co. When Walter Moorcroft took over from his father he too had his own marks. Occasionally, all marks can be hard to decipher.

Please send images of the base of your signature to enquiries moorcroft. Club members should contact mclub moorcroft. Should you require further information on Moorcroft generally, we do have 4 books available on Moorcroft; Moorcroft: The Phoenix Years, Moorcroft: Winds of Change and Moorcroft: E very piece of M oorcroft has marks on the Dating moorcroft which will tell a story.

They identify the Dating moorcroft that it was made in England, who designed the particular piece, the year the piece was made, the year of the design and who painted and tubelined the particular piece. There are many such marks. If you are a member of the Moorcroft Club we will identify these for you free of charge mclub moorcroft. Moorcroft introduced year cyphers in and are symbols used to identify the year each piece was made.

Copyright marks merely state the date when the design was first used. Consequently, it was felt prudent to use symbols to mark each year. Sometimes Moorcroft Club members have Dating moorcroft designed these! This is a free service Dating moorcroft Moorcroft Club members. Sadly, we are unable to value the piece for you, but I recommend that you contact a reputable auction house.

A good auction house should be able to advise you of the value of your piece of Moorcroft pottery. Better still, an auction house that specialises in Twentieth Century Decorative Art sales would be the most qualified for ceramic valuations. We recommend that Dating moorcroft appraiser you appoint is accredited, knowledgeable in Twentieth Century Decorative Art, and has an independent relationship from both the buyer and seller.

For a more accurate appraisal, we gently suggest that you bring your piece to the appraiser in person. Estimates from photographs and descriptions whether on-line or not may not disclose whether or not a piece has been crazed, cracked, restored or subject to other imperfections that cannot be identified unless the piece is thoroughly inspected by expert hands and eyes.

Wondering how old your Moorcroft...

We give the same advice to any would-be buyers of Moorcroft. The Moorcroft club is truly a place of fun and camaraderie, where Moorcroft fans worldwide come together to share their "Dating moorcroft" for Moorcroft - and to find those all-important collectable pieces at some of our exclusive club events! Visit the Members page to discover the many benefits of joining the Club and an on-line membership application form. Each Moorcroft design starts life as a trial.

Even here, at least one other senior member of staff will be present, but never the designer. Dating moorcroft trial date marks the date which that particular trial was painted.

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