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Dating lancelot premiere elements


First Knight is a medieval film based on Arthurian legenddirected by Jerry Zucker. The film follows the rogue Lancelot's romance with Lady Guinevere of Leonessewho is to marry King Arthur of Camelotwhile the land is threatened by the renegade knight Malagant. For the times you...

The film's opening text establishes that King Arthur Sean Connery of Camelot, victorious from his wars, has dedicated his reign to promoting justice and peace and now wishes to marry. The film opens with Lancelot Richard Gere a vagabond and skilled swordsman, dueling in small villages for money.

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Lancelot attributes his skill to his lack of concern whether he lives or dies. Guinevere Julia Ormond the ruler of Lyonesse, decides to marry Arthur partly out of admiration and partly for security against Malagant, who is shown raiding a village.

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