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Romania te iubesc online dating


Associazione Donne Romene in Italia. At the same time, these working women are stigmatized for being bad mothers, and the children were seen as victims. We want to investigate this issue online in order to understand more about how its has spread via different media forms, across different national mediascapes. We expected that the issue would spread Romania te iubesc online dating via specific platforms.

And we thought we might find differences between how the issue circulates in Italian and the Romanian online spaces. Methodology Day 1 Transnational Motherhood: Romania and Italy Steps in Netvizz: We did a search in Netvizz Search.

The query was the name of the campaign in Romanian: Proiectul "Te iubeste mama! The network overall is closed. In the sense that even the peripheral nodes are linked to other peripheral nodes 3 major nodes in the network: Making a list for Issue Crawler: Downloaded a new version of Firefox.

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