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Armada ernest cline online dating


Posted on Monday, June 1st, by Peter Sciretta. Update From Editor Peter Sciretta: Find out more after the jump.

July 14 bring the release...

Cline first hit our radar as the writer of Fanboysthe Star Wars fan story directed by Kyle Newman. Along with that, we now have the cover and a full synopsis.

Armada is the new book...

However, in that synopsis is something very odd. Could that actually be? Read the Armada synopsis below. Cline tweeted about Armada revealing the cover:.

Ernest Cline on 'Ready Player...

It's now available for pre-order: Reading that, you likely did the same thing I did. Ernie Cline has released the first chapter of his new novel Armada online, here is the opening excerpt:.

I was staring out the classroom window and daydreaming of adventure when I spotted the flying saucer. I blinked and looked again—but it was still out there, a shiny chrome disc zigzagging around in the sky. My eyes struggled to track the object through a series of increasingly fast, impossibly sharp turns that would have juiced a human being, had there been any aboard.

The disc streaked toward the distant horizon, then came to an instantaneous stop just above it. It hovered there motionless over the distant tree line for a few seconds, as if Armada ernest cline online dating the area beneath it with an invisible beam, before it abruptly launched itself skyward again, making another series of physics defying changes to its course and speed.

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I tried to keep my cool. I tried to remain skeptical. I reminded myself that I was a man of science, even if I did usually get a C in it.

Universal Moves Ahead on Ernest...

I looked at it again. Or a weather balloon, or swamp gas, or ball lightning. No, the unidentified flying object I was staring at with my own two eyes was most definitely not of this earth. My first thought was: Read the whole thing on IO9. Cool Posts From Around the Web: Web design by Pro Blog Design.

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A novel by the author...

Illumination Ink All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. Ernest Cline on 'Ready Player Two' and the Scene Spielberg Fought For In order to escape their grim reality, people find solace in an online virtual reality called. "I sold the book rights to Armada before I wrote the book. Ernest Cline was planning to drive his tricked-out DeLorean to Austin for a talk about his upcoming novel Armada, but Game of Thrones author George R.R.

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