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Deliberative public participation and hexachlorobenzene stockpiles. This paper is concerned with the quality of citizen involvement in relation to the governance of industrial risks.

Specifically, it Trollstation wife sexual dysfunction the hexachlorobenzene HCB case relative to best practice public participation, which is consistent with deliberative democratic theory. The case could be judged a public participation failure given that the community committee in combination with the corporate sponsor was unable to agree on a mutually acceptable technological pathway.

This stalemate might have been attributable in part to the time spent on the task of review. A diligent participation working party could have created a much more effective public participation plan, Trollstation wife sexual dysfunction in the core values of professional public participation practice. Reductive dechlorination of hexachlorobenzene to tri- and dichlorobenzenes in anaerobic sewage sludge.

Hexachlorobenzene was dechlorinated to tri- and dichlorobenzenes in anaerobic sewage sludge. The complete biotransformation of microM hexachlorobenzene approximately 50 ppm occurred within 3 weeks.

The calculated rate of hexachlorobenzene dechlorination was Hexachlorobenzene was dechlorinated via two routes, both involving the sequential removal of chlorine from the aromatic ring.

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