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Next to Normal stylized as next to normal is a American rock musical with book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey and music by Tom Kitt. The story centers around a mother who struggles with worsening bipolar disorder and the effects that her "Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction" and its management have had on her family. The musical also addresses the issues of griefsuicidedrug abuseethics in modern psychiatry and the underbelly of suburban life.

The musical opened on Broadway in April It was nominated for Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction Tony Awards and won three: It also won the Pulitzer Prize for Dramabecoming the eighth musical in history to receive the honor. The previous musical to win the Pulitzer was Rent inwhich was also directed by Michael Greif. In awarding the prize to Kitt and Yorkey, the Pulitzer Board called the show "a powerful rock musical that grapples with mental illness in a suburban family and expands the scope of subject matter for musicals.

Next to Normal has been called one of the best musicals of the 21st century and its soundtrack one of the best original soundtracks in a musical due to its graceful handling of its dark, complex subject matter and its moving and brutally honest exploration into pain. The Broadway production closed in January after more than performances. There have been Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction international productions.

Suburban mother Diana Goodman waits up late for her curfew-challenged son, and attempts to comfort her anxious and overachieving daughter, Natalie. In early morning, their son returns, and Dan, Diana's husband, rises to help prepare the family for the day "Just Another Day". Everything appears normal until Dan and Natalie realize that the sandwiches Diana is making are covering every surface in the kitchen. As Dan helps the disoriented Diana, the kids hurry off to school.

Natalie escapes to the refuge of the piano practice room "Everything Else" and is interrupted by Henry, a classmate who likes to listen to her play and who is clearly interested in her. Over the ensuing weeks Diana makes a series of visits to her doctor, while Dan waits in the car outside questioning how to cope with his own depression. Diana has suffered from bipolar disorder and psychosis for the past sixteen years.

Natalie and Henry grow closer until one day he professes his love for her "Perfect for You" and they kiss for the first time. Diana, witnessing this, worries her best years may be behind her "I Miss the Mountains".

With her son's encouragement, she flushes away her medication. A few weeks later, Dan looks forward to dinner with his family "It's Gonna Be Good"to which Henry has been invited, much to Natalie's dismay. He happily recounts how Diana has been energetic and in a great mood for the past weeks, but when Diana emerges with a cake singing "Happy Birthday" to her son, Dan and Natalie are devastated.

Dan carefully reminds her that their son died sixteen years ago, when he was an infant "He's Not Here". Dan mentions a return to the doctor, but Diana refuses, saying Dan can't possibly hurt the way she does "You Don't Know". Dan tries to coax her into "Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction" him while their son tries to convince his mother to listen to him instead "I Am the One". In her room, Natalie vents her anger to Henry and then refuses Diana's halfhearted apology Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction her brother watches and taunts her "Superboy and the Invisible Girl".

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A few days later, Diana starts work with Doctor Madden, attempting a drug-free treatment. Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction her son tries to assert his presence "I'm Alive"Dan and Natalie doubt the sessions are helping. After an argument, Natalie begins experimenting with her mother's old prescription medications. Doctor Madden proposes hypnosis to help Diana discover the roots of her trauma. Finally, Diana agrees it's time to let her son go.

Diana goes home to clean out her son's things, pausing to listen to a music box "I Dreamed a Dance". Her son dances with her and invites her to 'go away with him' "There's a World". She attempts suicide and is hospitalized. At the hospital, Diana lies sedated and restrained, with self-inflicted gashes to her wrists.

Doctor Madden explains to Dan that ECT is the standard course of treatment for drug-resistant patients who are at a high risk of suicide. Dan goes home to clean up after Diana and barely avoids a breakdown "I've Been".

Dan arrives and manages to convince her that it may be their last hope "A Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction in the Dark". Diana receives a series of ECT treatments over two weeks. Diana returns home from the hospital, but she has lost nineteen years of memory "Song of Forgetting". At school, Henry confronts Natalie about her avoiding him, and invites her to the spring formal dance "Hey 1".

Dan and Diana visit Doctor Madden, who assures them some memory loss is normal "Seconds and Years" and encourages Dan to use photos, mementos, and the like to help Diana recover. Dan gathers the family to do so "Better Than Before"with minor success.

When Natalie pulls the music box from a pile of keepsakes, he whisks it away, leaving Diana puzzled.

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Her son appears, unseen "Aftershocks"while Diana tells Dan there's something she's desperate to remember that's just beyond her reach. When Henry arrives looking for Natalie, Diana pauses, studying his face and asking his age. He reminds her of someone. Unnerved, Henry hurries up to Natalie's room, to convince her to join him at the dance the next night "Hey 2".

Diana returns to Doctor Madden "You Don't Know" [Reprise]and he asks Diana about memories of her Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction, not knowing that Dan has purposely avoided mentioning him. Doctor Madden suggests she further explore her history and talk more with her husband. Diana goes home and searches through the boxes of keepsakes, finding the music box.

Diana confesses remembering her son as a teenager. Dan also realizes that their son's death was the start to all their troubles. Diana demands to know his name, but Dan refuses and instead insists they need to return for more treatment "It's Gonna Be Good" [Reprise]. Henry arrives to pick up Natalie, who has dressed for the dance, just in time for both of them to witness an agitated Dan grab the music box from Diana's hands and smash it to pieces on the floor.

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Diana confronts Dan, wondering why he perseveres after how much trouble she's given, while upstairs, Natalie asks Henry the same question "Why Stay? Dan answers, echoed by Henry, both vowing to stay steadfast "A Promise".

Diana asks Doctor Madden what can be done if the medicine won't work. She realizes that it is not her brain that's hurting, but her soul "The Break". Doctor Madden urges her to continue treatment for her chronic, deadly disease.

She thanks him and leaves. Natalie, waiting outside, is distressed to learn her mother has stopped the treatment. Diana explains "Maybe [Next to Normal]"opening up to her daughter for the first time.

Diana tells Dan she is leaving him, explaining he can't always be there to catch her. She needs to take a risk and deal with things on her own "So Anyway". She goes and leaves their son with Dan. As Dan wonders how she could have left him "Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction" he stood by her for so long, Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction son approaches and tells Dan he's not going anywhere "I Am the One" [Reprise]. Dan grows more distraught until at last he faces the boy and calls him by his name for the first time: Natalie comes home to find her father sitting alone in the dark, in tears.

She comforts him and turns on the lights in the room, before assuring him the two of them will figure things out "Light". Henry arrives to study.

Natalie tells him Diana has gone to stay with her own parents. Dan visits Doctor Madden hoping to talk about Diana, but Madden instead offers him the name of another mental-health worker. Diana appears, alone and still hurting, but hopeful. Next to Normal follows the struggle of one woman, Diana Goodman, with mental illness and the effect of the illness on her whole Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction. In the second act, these effects are at times diminished and other times exacerbated by the fact that Diana additionally suffers memory loss following electroconvulsive therapy ECT.

In the show, Diana's doctor describes her as a "bipolar depressive with delusional episodes", [8] however, the most recent edition of the American Psychiatric Association 's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM would now diagnose Diana as bipolar "with psychotic features ", [9] referring to the hallucinations she experiences, such as of her dead son Gabe in the form of a teenager.

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The disorder is also now separated into bipolar types I and II, which are difficult to diagnose, often going undetected Ltg talley wife sexual dysfunction misdiagnosed, therefore leaving the illness inadequately treated. Bipolar disorder is a disease of both mania or hypomania and depression that is not curable, mostly treated through psychopharmacological, psychiatric, and biological means.

First, are the psychopharmacological therapiescommonly known as drug therapieswhich involves the use of antipsychoticanticonvulsantand antidepressant medications, that aim to stabilize the patient's mood.

Such drugs include LithiumAtivanand Valiumall of which are mentioned in the lyrics, particularly in the song "My Psychopharmacologist and I", in which Diana is prescribed a plethora of different drugs at once, which are mentioned alongside their side-effects, ranging from drowsiness to sexual dysfunction.

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