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Heather and rachel hells kitchen hookup divas scavenger hunt


He is introduced in season one and is considered by many members of the group to be "Rachel Berry with a five o'clock shadow. Jack Harmon was born in to Kristopher Harmon and an unknown surrogate mother. He is a member of the Harmon familyan obscenely wealthy Ohio family with connections all over the world.

As the only child of a single parent, Jack was raised with the belief that he was special and was considered by his instructors as something of a prodigy in the performing arts, planting the seeds of greatness in his mind. Since then, Jack has remained steadfast in his goal to be a star and get the hell out of Lima. He entered McKinley High in his freshman year, as numerous private schools had rejected him on the basis of his arrogant attitude and over the top revenge schemes. He was cast of the Emcee in the McKinley High production of Cabaretbut became so frustrated with Sandy Ryerson's incompetent direction, he quit shortly after Rachel.

He told her she inspired him to switch over to something he deemed more worthwhile, specifically Glee club. He would join up with them after Invitationals. After Invitationals, Jack congratulates Rachel on the win and states that he has quit Cabaret "Heather and rachel hells kitchen hookup divas scavenger hunt" plans on auditioning for the Glee Club.

He is amused to discover that she has given Finn the Vitamin D and decides to keep quiet for his own amusement. Afterwards, he scolds himself for keeping quiet as Sue is now the co-director of New Directions. In HairographyJack is not worried by the Jane Adams girls or the students from Haverbrook, considering them "talentless" and "deaf".

He becomes visibly frustrated by the use of Hairoprahpy and threatens to burn his wig.

This is the first time we see what glee means to Jack as he backs down without a single insult or backhanded remark. He tosses Jacob Ben-Israel out of the building when Finn returns. He is elated when they win, and he and Rachel come up with the perfect celebratory song by performing We Are the Champions with New Directions.

With his new status in the group, Jack is making plans for Regionals, both legal and illegal. Jack suggests to Mr.

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