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How to be a decent lady


Would you like to be a proper young lady? You can make it happen, no matter where you live or which school you attend. Read on to learn how in just a few steps. Menjadi Wanita Muda yang Bijak. Take care of yourself.

There is no point in fretting about the fact that you aren't three inches taller or that your eyes are green and not blue. You need to work with what you have. Washing once a day is essential. Your face needs to be washed and moisturized once in the morning and again in the evening before you go to sleep. Shower often and remember to shave your legs and under your arms.

Be sure to keep a washcloth, bath towel, and a bathmat. Make sure you keep your bathmat straight on the floor, and bath towel nearby, and absolutely keep your washcloth in the shower, then take all three out when you are done. Know what looks best on you. This can be anything from colors to textures of fabric that look stunning on you.

Wear clothing appropriate for the occasion. Don't wear anything that isn't clean or neat, that doesn't go well with another piece of clothing you are wearing, or that is excessively "How to be a decent lady." When buying clothes, look for quality; a few high quality pieces are much better than a How to be a decent lady of inexpensive clothing.

You should also have your own personal style. Understand that 'girly' and 'feminine' are not the same thing; you want to aim to be feminine, demure, and classy. You will look - and feel - much better in a skirt than in pants. Nothing says 'lady' quite like a girl wearing a smart skirt when all her friends are in jeans. A lady never scratches, burps or sniffs.

Never scratch, rub instead. And if you're going to burp then either try to hold it in or do it quietly. Carry tissues, no lady walks around all day sniffing like a child; give your nose a quick blow and move on. Everyone sweats - this is the body's way of cooling itself.

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