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Does pepto bismol make you poop


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What does the label say about Reye's syndrome and bismuth subsalicylate, the active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol? Can I use Pepto-Bismol if I have certain gastrointestinal conditions e. Can I give Pepto-Bismol to my child? Children's Pepto relieves heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion, and upset stomach due to these symptoms or overindulgence in food and drink. For a better experience on pepto.

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The active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol contains bismuth. When a small amount of bismuth combines with trace amounts of sulfur in your saliva and gastrointestinal tract, a black-colored substance bismuth sulfide is formed.

It can last several days after you stop taking Pepto-Bismol. Individual bowel habits, your age the intestinal tract slows down with ageand the amount of the product taken all help to determine how long Pepto-Bismol is in your system.

Pepto-Bismol Caplets Starts to relieve your digestive upsets with two flavorless pills.

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Pepto-Bismol Original Liquid Our original upset stomach and diarrhea reliever. Related What does the label say about Reye's syndrome and bismuth subsalicylate, the active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol? Sign up for our newsletter for offers and product news.

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If your symptoms get worse or last more than 2 days, stop use and consult your physician. Find patient medical information for Pepto-Bismol Oral on WebMD including its uses, side It is also used to treat diarrhea and help prevent travelers' diarrhea.

not be used to self-treat diarrhea if you also have a fever or blood/mucus in the stools. .

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