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Cucaracha germanica reproduccion asexual de las plantas


Caffeine-supplemented diet modulates oxidative stress markers and improves locomotor behavior in the lobster cockroach Nauphoeta cinerea.

The effects of caffeine supplementation is well documented in conventional animal models, however, in the lobster cockroaches Nauphoeta cinereathey have not been reported.

La ooteca de la cucaracha...

Thus, the aim of this study was to investigate the locomotor behavior and biochemical endpoints in the head of the nymphs of N. There was increase in distance travelled, velocity, frequency of rotation and turn angle stereotypical behavior such as circling movementsand this was supported by the representative track plots of the path travelled by cockroaches in the open-field arena. In addition, caffeine supplementation markedly increased total thiol and non-protein thiol glutathione GSH levels in the heads of cockroachesand this was in parallel with significant reduction of lipid peroxidation and free Fe II content.

Taking together, our results indicate that long-term caffeine supplementation may exert preventive effects against oxidative stress and support the use of N. Standard metabolic rate is associated with gestation duration, but not clutch size, in speckled cockroaches Nauphoeta cinerea. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Metabolic rate varies significantly between individuals, and these differences persist even when the wide range of biotic and abiotic factors that influence metabolism are accounted for.

It is important to understand the life history implications of variation in metabolic rate, but Cucaracha germanica reproduccion asexual de las plantas remain poorly characterised despite a growing body of work examining relationships between metabolism and a range of traits. In the present study we used laboratory-bred families one sire to three dams of Nauphoeta cinerea Olivier speckled cockroaches to examine the relationship between standard metabolic rate SMR and reproductive performance number of offspring and gestation duration.

We show that SMR is negatively associated with female gestation duration. Age at mating is negatively associated with gestation duration for females, and mass is negatively associated with the average gestation duration of the females a male was mated with. In addition to the results in the current literature, the results from the present study suggest that the association between metabolism and life history is more complex than simple relationships between metabolism and various fitness traits.

Future work should consider longitudinal, ontogenetic as well as selective and quantitative genetic breeding approaches to fully examine the associations between metabolism and fitness. Changes in pheromone production, release, mating behaviour and reproductive ability of the gamma-irradiated cockroach Nauphoeta cinerea Olivier.

Mature males of Nauphoeta cinerea produce a sex pheromone 'seducin' which has short-range effects in attracting mature females of the same species.

Exposure of newly-emerged adult males to 3. Bioassay of dichloromethane extracts of males showed that radiation doses 14 krad sufficient Cucaracha germanica reproduccion asexual de las plantas induce sterility did not affect the ability to produce pheromone but significantly reduced the release of pheromone by inhibiting wing-raising.

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