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Derechos sexuale y reproductivos profamilia


Sexual and reproductive health in university students at an institution of higher learning in Colombia. Ochoa-Diaz 1Carlos A. Canchila-Barrios 2Enrique C. Salguedo-Madrid 4 y Dacia I. Doctorado en Medicina Tropical. Recibido 20 Septiembre Aprobado 12 Marzo Los datos cualitativos fueron tabulados y graficados usando medidas de Derechos sexuale y reproductivos profamilia central para variables cuantitativas.

Objective To investigate the state of sexual and reproductive health in students at a public university in the Colombian Caribbean, with an emphasis on sexually transmitted diseases STDsfertility, sexuality, pregnancy and violence. Methods Cross-sectional survey study. University students, enrolled in the second semester of and who completed a self-administered survey based on the Reproductive Health survey of the Pan American Health Organization, were selected.

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Qualitative data was tabulated and graphed using measures of central tendency for quantitative variables. Results The age of population studied was around 20 years old, came from the urban area It was observed that Conclusion The sample reflects Derechos sexuale y reproductivos profamilia student population in this region of Colombia.

We plan to organize a health program with medical and psychological support to reduce the rates of STDs and unplanned pregnancies, preparing the adolescent for this important step in their life and serving as a model for other Latin American universities. Reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception violence, universities source: Estudio de corte transversal tipo encuesta. Fueron utilizadas encuestas auto-diligenciadas.

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En total se analizaron encuestas. Consultado julio de Rev Med Chile ; La juventud y su contexto.

Una mirada a la sexualidad desde el Caribe: Implicaciones de su estudio para las Ciencias Sociales. Revista de Ciencias Sociales ; Global prevalence and incidence of selected curable Sexually Transmitted Infections overview and estimates. Salud Sexual y Reproductiva en Colombia. United Nations Statistics Division.