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Atv 3 update not successful at dating


July 3 by Reza. They are arranging for the Apple TV to be collected and returned for repair. I asked if there was any way to restore myself and was told no. "Atv 3 update not successful at dating" said that I was concerned that if, for whatever reason, I needed to restore the Apple TV after it was out of warranty that it would cost me - they said that if it was due to a software update problem then there would be no charge - even out of warranty.

I'm amazed that there is no way an owner can restore the box to factory settings - this seems like a really bad idea. Like how dumb is Apple to remove the usb port, I mean it's used for updating, restoring, sideloading, jailbreaking etc It's outright laughable that they have to pick up your device and replace it if something goes wrong which could be easily fixed by a dfu restore through usb.

May 27 by billa. Self employed contract worker. Fortunately, I didn't face with this issue, but I'm interested to know what is the solution for this.

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