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Cooksonia asexual reproduction video


Cooksonia is an extinct grouping of primitive land plants. While Cooksonia fossils are distributed globally, most type specimens come from Britain, where they were first discovered in Only the sporophyte phase of Cooksonia is currently known i.

Individuals were small, a few centimetres tall, and had a simple structure. They lacked leaves, flowers and roots—although it has been speculated that they grew from a rhizome that has not been preserved. Each branch ended in a sporangium or spore-bearing capsule. In his original description of the genus, Lang [4] described the sporangia as flattened, "with terminal sporangia that are short and wide", and in the species Cooksonia pertoni "considerably wider than high".

A review of the genus by Gonez and Gerrienne produced a tighter definition, which requires the sporangia to be more-or-less trumpet-shaped as in the illustration , with a 'lid' or operculum which disintegrates to release the spores.

Specimens of one species of Cooksonia have a dark stripe in the centre of their stalks, which has been interpreted as the earliest remains of water-carrying tissue. Cooksonia specimens occur in a range of sizes, and vary in stem width from about 0. Some Cooksonia species bore stomata , which had a role in gas exchange; this was probably to assist in transpiration -driven transport of dissolved materials in the xylem , rather than primarily in photosynthesis , as suggested by their concentration at the tips of the axes.

As the genus is circumscribed by Gonez and Gerrienne, there are six possible species. Only one specimen of C.

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The Seedless Vascular Plants: Ferns and Their Relatives

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A spore bearing a trilete mark — the Y-shaped scar. Thus four different kinds of spore, probably representing four different species, were found in sporangia originally identified as C. Only one specimen of C. Dark red and blue-green indicate regions of high photosynthetic activity in the ocean and on land, respectively.

In mosses, the gametophyte is the dominant generation, while the sporophytes consist of sporangium-bearing stalks growing from the tips of the gametophyte s.

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  • YouTube Videos – Cooksonia and Related Articles [show more] . In biology, a spore is a unit of sexual or asexual reproduction that may be adapted for.
  • Cooksonia fossils (morphology 6 in figure 1; figures 3c and 4a) exemplify and developmental flexibility in sexual and asexual reproduction.
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The Cretaceous ended with a mass extinction, the Cretaceous—Paleogene extinction event, in which many groups, including non-avian dinosaurs, pterosaurs. Sporangia fused in 3s and produced at tips of short branches Gametophytes develop from spores beneath ground Branch dichotomously No chlorophyll Rhizoids aided by mycorrhizal fungi Archegonia and antheridia scattered on surface Zygote develops foot and rhizome Rhizome separates from foot.

Although the first representatives of leafy trees and true grasses emerged in the Cretaceous, the flora was still dominated by conifers like Araucaria Here: Detail of the vasculature of a bramble leaf. In some of these subdivisions the Cambrian is divided into three epochs with locally differing names — the Early Cambrian, Middle Cambrian and Furongian, rocks of these epochs are referred to as belonging to the Lower, Middle, or Upper Cambrian. The hornwort Dendroceros crispus growing on the bark of a tree.

The position of C.

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Science - Plants - Asexual Reproduction - English

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  • Fossil whisk fern look-alikes Silurian, mya Cooksonia and Rhynia Naked Asexual by fragmentation of rhizomes Sexual reproduction:...
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