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Shes hookup the ice princess cast


We talked to star D. Do you resent people still asking you about The Cutting Edge? You hope people watch the movies over and over again, and this has become one of those movies for people.

MGM rented out a space there for us to go skate.

For three months, we skated almost every day together, and I would stay and play hockey. It let us get to know each other in a different way than a normal rehearsal process, and it was very similar to what the characters go through in the movie. I think it was just a very natural and organic way to build a history for the characters. Did that ever give you pause? And I learned to hit left-handed — that was extremely difficult for a baseball player to believably do that.

So I guess I felt like I could learn Shes hookup the ice princess cast as well as I could, and then they would just have to use stunt doubles and trick photography and whatever else. So she landed funny on a jump, and she broke her leg.

And that was the first time I really got nervous — I was hoping they could film her, and I could hide in the background. But now, a lot of it was going to be me with her stunt double [Sharon Carz]. And so I ended up doing a lot more skating than I had planned, and certainly [more] than the producers had planned. So Sharon was able to make me look a lot better than I would have looked skating by myself. Yeah, she had a cast on her foot — I want to say it was her right foot.

And they did a brilliant job of hiding it all through the movie with selective photography and trick shots. Did you ever have to come out to your friends as a figure skater?

I got to be good friends with Scott Hamilton. What kind of a sport is there where they judge your outfits? You know who won the football game by the score, but not in skating.

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