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Rv hookup basics


You need to get setup for towing. With a Rv hookup basics wheel, you need to pick a good hitch. Shore power is generally a feature of campgrounds and RV parks. That enables your v system in the camper and then it functions much like a house.

Charging and maintaining your battery ies is a little more work. When you are connected to city water, you essentially have an unlimited supply. With the city water connection, it supplies the water Rv hookup basics sometimes higher than your RV can support and there you need a water pressure regulator.

With your tank, there is a water pump that runs off of the 12v system that supplies the water pressure.

Come winter, you need to winterize your water system. All of the water that you use is your waste water and has to be handle appropriately. In the RV, all of your waste water goes to Rv hookup basics. Shower and sinks generally go to gray water tanks; toilets go to black water tanks.

Like the fresh water tanks, these have limited capacity. Where you camp decides how you handle the water in these tanks.

Many RV parks have sewer connections at each site. Many people run fresh water into the black tanks after dumping a few times to get a better flushing of the system. In fact, there are sprayers with hose attachments that you can get or it may come with your camper already installed that spray water directly into the tank. This Rv hookup basics you a better cleaning of the tank than a single flush alone.

The thing to remember with the black tank- more water is good because it carries the solids down the hose.

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After emptying black tanks, most people put a couple of gallons of water back into it, just to keep it all wet and yummy. Some people will say you can keep your gray tanks open to the sewer all Rv hookup basics the time, which is true- just make sure you have some left over to flush out your sewer Rv hookup basics after black. Or, you can get totes to empty the tanks into the tote and then take it to the dump station a dedicated dumping spot for sewer — usually at the campground.

Or, you can take your whole camper there. Read more about how to dump RV tanks. For HVAC- campers have heating systems that are generally propane furnaces this runs off of v and 12v. You may or may not pay Rv hookup basics metered.

The longer you stay at a campground monthly or seasonallythe more likely this is. For cooling, most RVs have air conditioners.

This is generally only available if you have shore power or a generator. The furnace and air conditioner are likely ran off of a simple thermostat, much like your house.

RVs can be hard to keep warm in cold climates and occasionally hard to cool in very hot climates. There are little tips and gotchas all over- for instance, never turn a water heater on without it first being full of water; it can short out the heating element quick if on electric. The fridge is a neat contraption that either works off of v electricity or propane and 12v. Tires need replaced usually based on age vs. Wheels need maintenance and so do the axles and whatnot. Rv hookup basics, water is your biggest enemy.

Seals needs to be checked, caulk needs to be applied. Water, water, water — always look for water! One year old unit when purchased. "Rv hookup basics" big picture about when is the generator used, the propane system versus shore power.

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