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Ever since Nina Hartley has Nina hartley milfs seeking boys this industry, she has always been one of the nicest people in adult films. It is not a surprise that her kindheartedness towards people's welfare would also appear on film.

Thus, she forged into making instructional sex Nina hartley milfs seeking boys. Those films are still the standard that all instructional movies are compared to. However, this Hall of Famer should also be known for her acting roles too. She really excels in comedy. As long as Nina makes adult films, I am one fan who will always watch them.

She is a true priceless treasure. Hi Nina, I still remember seeing you on screen for the first time in Sorority Pink back when I was in college. In your opinion, how has the adult industry changed for the best and the worst since you first appeared in those early films? The short answer is that the business has gotten much bigger, and distribution of adult material has got off the leash, so to speak. Before, one had to order movies from magazines or go to a brick-and-mortar store and get it in person or find magazines under the bed of a parent or older sibling.

The good side is that there is more awareness about health and safety among performers today.

The bad thing is that piracy in the digital age is killing off companies. I have always loved your acting performances. What are your feelings on the recent revival of using storylines in adult movies such as parodies and features?

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I like both story-driven movies as well as sex-only ones. Super fun, as Stormy has great ideas and only does feature work. You have a loyal following with the lesbian-loving fans. What are your thoughts on the growing emphasis of filming authentic sensual and erotic orgasmic sex on screen that studios like Girlfriends Films and Sweetheart Video are known for?

I love it, myself, as women were a motivating factor in my wanting Nina hartley milfs seeking boys do adult entertainment in the first place.

Anything that shows true affection and intimacy between screen partners is good, as so much Nina hartley milfs seeking boys the material these days can be a bit repetitive or by the numbers. Your newest film is Sweet Sinema's Wives Club. A good underlying title would be The Revenge of the Milfs. What is your role in this movie and why do you think men have the need to stray away from their mate?

One of the reasons that marriage is so hard on men is the expectations of monogamy throughout the entire relationship.

Very few men can do that willingly and lovingly, though plenty do. These days, both men and women have the expectation that sex and intimacy will continue throughout the marriage, but not everyone knows how to make that work in real life.

You have worked with the very talented Nica Nolle in many projects. Could you please tell us the underlying Nina hartley milfs seeking boys why she is one of the great directors in this industry? Because, like me, Ms. Noelle has an underlying philosophy about sex and relationships, and has something to say about them.

Oh, and she really, really likes sex, both as an idea and as a practice. How did you get into the adult industry?

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I had wanted to do porn since I saw my first movie, in a theater, when I was I had been reading porn since I was younger than that, as it was the s and things were freeer then, for good or ill. I started house dancing when I was 23, while attending Nursing school, and made my first video when I was So it was eight years between the idea of porn and the actuality. What have been your most pleasurable moments? What Nina hartley milfs seeking boys been your least pleasurable ones?

One of your biggest legacies and most rewarding achievements in this industry is your role as the innovator of instructional porn.

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Could you tell us the reasons why you decided to venture into this genre? Also, could you tell us one moment when a couple told you that your films were a significant help to their sex life and how did you feel that your work made a huge difference for them?

As a nurse, education is part of what we do, and our culture is in desperate need of good, non-judgmental sex education. Sex is partly a physical skill set, and those skills can be taught, like one teaches cooking techniques. But what really touched me occurred years before that.

They were ultimately successful, which was an amazing thing to hear, as I had gone to nursing school with the intention to become a midwife. There Nina hartley milfs seeking boys no doubt that you connect so well with your on-screen partners. Thus, heated passion develops. What makes a man sexy? What makes a woman sexy? What traits do you admire in a man?

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What traits "Nina hartley milfs seeking boys" you admire in a woman? I like a sense of humor and for a person not to be too nervous. Physical-trait wise, I like a nice ass and legs on a guy. At home I like six inches or so and a man who can make me laugh, and who is very smart. With women, I like those who prefer to be on the receiving end of sexual attention from a woman. For both, I like humor, intelligence, and a generous nature.

Are there any industry people actors, actresses, directors, even studios that you would like to work with if the time and situation were right? What are your hobbies and interests? How were you as a kid?

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