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Gynesexual pronunciation


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But to most people bisexual means being attracted to both men and women, so identifying as bi when you're only attracted to women and agender people may unintentionally mislead some. But others did consider and still consider themselves bisexual.

We really hope this is what you take from this video and NOT how we are not experts on the discussion! Do you already have an account? Skoliosexual- Attracted to non-cis people. Darling don't be afraid, I will love you for a thousand years. Your name or email address:

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Sexualities for Gender Nonconformist People

Help!!bf's female best friend?? How do you say Gynesexual? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Gynesexual on pronouncekiwi. Pronunciation; Adjective; Noun. Related terms. 3 Romanian. Etymology; Pronunciation; Adjective. Declension. Noun..

  • Polysexuality is sexual attraction to multiple, but not all, genders.
  • How do you say Gynesexual? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Gynesexual on pronouncekiwi.
  • Gyne is Latin and (ancient) Greek for woman or female. A gynesexual is someone who is sexually attracted to women. I definitely suggest.
  • We find being on youtube you have to be so so careful on what you say and how you say it incase you offend people, This becomes very difficult as there are millions of youtube lovers out there with different views and opinions!
  • Pronunciation: |ˌɡīnəˈ|ˈsekSH(o͞o)əl|. Definition: To be gynesexual is to have a sexual attraction to breasts, vaginas and femininity. But the person who has. gynesexual in a sentence - Use "gynesexual" in a sentence 1. 用gynesexual 造句, gynesexual meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example.
  • Gynesexual/gynosexual people: Individuals who experience sexual attraction toward women, females, and/or femininity, regardless of whether they were.


  • How to define the word gynesexual? The definition of gynesexual...
  • English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. demisexual + -ity. Pronunciation[edit]. IPA: / ˌdɛmiːsɛkʃuˈælitiː/. Noun[edit]. demisexuality (countable and...
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Gynesexual pronunciation

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