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Define demisexual


Gray asexuality or gray-sexuality spelled "grey" outside the U. Those who identify as gray-A tend to lean "Define demisexual" the more asexual side of the aforementioned spectrum. Gray asexuality is Define demisexual the gray area between asexuality and sexualityin which a person may only experience sexual attraction on occasion. The term demisexual comes from the concept being described as being "halfway between" sexual and asexual.

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The term does not mean that demisexuals have an incomplete or half-sexuality; nor does it mean that sexual attraction without emotional connection is required for a complete sexuality. The term gray-A covers a range of identities Define demisexual the asexuality umbrella, or on the asexual spectrum, including demisexuality.

Demisexuality refers to those who "may experience secondary sexual attraction after a close emotional connection has already formed". Many demisexuals are only attracted to a handful of people in their lifetimes, or even just one "Define demisexual." Many demisexuals are also uninterested in sex, so they have a lot in common with asexuals.

Demisexuality or general sexuality wherein it is interlaced with an emotional connection is a common theme in romantic novels and has been termed with a coinage compulsory demisexuality. The intimacy of the connection also allows for an exclusivity to take place.

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The romantic orientation of a gray-A identifying individual can vary, because sexual and romantic identities are not "Define demisexual" linked. A Wired article notes examples of fluidity in the asexual and gray-A spectrum being accepted within the asexual community.

The AVEN, "Define demisexual" well as blogging websites such as Tumblrhave given ways for gray-As to find acceptance in their communities.

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