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The reportpublished Tuesday, unearthed graphic stories of boys and girls assaulted and raped by Catholic priests in the dioceses of Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton. Conference of Catholic Bishops promised on Thursday to make it Sexuality film twitter for Catholics to report misconduct by bishops and to have those complaints resolved. The USCCB also pledged to ask the Vatican to investigate accusations swirling around former cardinal Archbishop Theodore McCarricka high-ranking cleric who has been accused of sexually abusing boys and adult seminarians.

Sexuality film twitter called for all U. Others wanted to see similar grand jury investigations taken up by other U. Others wanted all Catholic dioceses to voluntarily release lists of all current and former priests who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse.

Although the outpouring of anger may seem to be tearing the church apart, the Rev. Read on to see how some American Catholics are grappling with the Pennsylvania abuse report. The Church should fully cooperate. The victims deserve justice. The perpetrators deserve punishment.

We need real mechanisms to hold bishops accountable, lay leadership, and transparency. Outrage is not enough. The People of God demand it. This is why voluntary release of names of abusive clergy is so important.

At the very least, having all the cardinals renounce their titles and privileges and take on some symbolic gesture of repentance in every state prostration, etc - that would go a long way https: Given the PA AG report, and that something similar likely occurred in every other state, I don't see "Sexuality film twitter" we as a Church move forward without massive resignations.

And by move forward, I mean care for Sexuality film twitter victims and show sinful abuse of authority has no place in the Church. More resignations and handing over to the police, less vague and empty statements of regret.

The Church is now on the edge. How this is handled will determine its future. We have to face up before it all is destroyed.

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This is no longer an "option. Anything else is giving aspirin to a cancer patient. We will baptize him a Catholic. For his sake, repent and reform.

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With so many bishops implicated Sexuality film twitter this and other scandals, what reassurances do we have? For right now we're not conservative Catholics or liberal Catholics: Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

The proposals will be presented to the full body of bishops during a November meeting.