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Mature student medicine scotland


Dundee is an excellent place to study medicine, both for the high quality of the teaching programme and for the facilities available. Our course is innovative, student-centred and community-based, and follows the recommendations of the General Medical Council, the professional governing body for medicine in the UK.

Dundee allows you to study medicine in a friendly, responsive and student-centred environment. Our comparatively small size as a medical school works to your advantage: Ninewells Hospital and Medical School is Mature student medicine scotland centre of many areas of pioneering research in cancer, keyhole surgery, heart disease, drug development, Mature student medicine scotland medical education.

You will be part of a caring community providing healthcare for Tayside, Fife, and further afield, and will have access to a wide range of facilities including lecture theatres, teaching laboratories, library, integrated self-teaching area, computer suite and a world-leading Clinical Skills Centre. A new education facility is being built on the Ninewells Hospital site which will further enhance the quality of our teaching. Our ranking in league tables, and student satisfaction with the quality of our course, is consistently high.

For those applicants selected for interview i. EU and International qualifications. All applicants must sit the UKCAT test in their year of application unless certified exempt because there is Mature student medicine scotland testing centre in your country. There is no minimum cut-off score. We reserve the right to require applicants to provide details regarding activities described on UCAS personal statements such as contacts regarding work experience and shall investigate a number at random as well as any suspect claims.

Misleading statements may lead to an application being rejected. Only the above Certificates are acceptable English language tests for this course.

Read more about the Teaching Excellence Framework. It is based on the various organ systems of the body and is an integrated course that focuses on normal and abnormal structure, function and behaviour, basic and clinical sciences, and hospital and community perspectives. Mature student medicine scotland learning where learning is structured around examples of clinical problems is employed wherever appropriate.

The systems programme is integrated so you will learn about the basic science and clinical aspects at "Mature student medicine scotland" same time. Basic science including anatomy by dissection is taught in all body systems with periods of time to allow you to consolidate your learning in each semester. The first 8 weeks of first year are the Principles Block, which gives an introduction to the basic principles underlying the practice of medicine. Clinical relevance is emphasised throughout and early patient contact is achieved utilising primary care teaching.

You will consider the safe practice of medicine in regular clinical skills sessions. Self-directed learning is well represented in the timetable and established as a significant component of this part of the curriculum.

Following on from the Principles Block there are teaching blocks covering the various body systems:. Teaching in each system is structured around core clinical problems, and is supported by an online study guide. There is a topic for every week of the systems-based courses. For example, in the Cardiovascular system, the topics are:.

Each of these scenarios has a set of learning outcomes which should enable you to identify:. Candidates will be accepted for any course only following interview with the specific course leader. The number of places on some courses is strictly limited. Years 4 and 5 form Preparation in Practice PiP which moves towards a task-based learning approach. PiP begins with a transition block, followed by a series of core clinical placements and Mature student medicine scotland final Preparation for Practice block.

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