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Swim hook up


In the old days, there was the Mister Twister Sassy Shad and a handful of others. Then bass anglers enjoyed a swimbait renaissance of sorts that began with Western hawg hunters chucking Swim hook up baits for double-digit-sized fish.

The effectiveness of the swimbait to get big bites soon trickled down from the trophy hunters to the trophy "Swim hook up" — i. While all swimbaits accomplish the same thing — imitating a prey fish swimming through the water — there are now hundreds of baits from which to choose, and there are models for tackling just about any scenario.

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Your first step in learning to be a better swimbait angler is to understand Swim hook up categories of swimbaits on the market and some ways in which to rig them. For instance, two swimbaits might share identical design characteristics, but one might be triple the size of the other. Thus, their uses vary tremendously. What follows is a very generalized list of categories, with further explanation provided for each.

Fish them around grass, under docks, on ledges, for schoolers, on the surface or simply for covering water Swim hook up about any time of year. Jigheads are best for open water and slow-rolling presentations. In grass, use a weedless wide-gap hook. Jay Yelas used the Basstrix to win the Walmart FLW Tour Angler of the Year title, which ignited — or perhaps, more accurately, publicized — the swimbait craze among tournament anglers.

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More recently, hollow swimbaits up to 7 or 8 inches in length have become popular for summer ledge fishing. This is a workhorse swimbait category. Hollow paddle tails can literally do anything you want a swimbait to do. You name it, and this category has it covered thanks to the incredible number of swimbaits that fall under its umbrella. They can be fished deep or shallow, through grass or wood, skipped under docks, or on an umbrella rig.

Some can be waked on the surface. When using weighted hooks, adjust the weight to fish the bait anywhere from the surface to double-digit depths. There are a lot of subcategories within the solid-body category. The Trash Fish is another great clear-water bait because of its natural appearance and subtle swimming motion. A dab of Super Glue locks the two together.

A dab of Super Glue helps to secure a swimbait to the jighead. If your jighead has a flat surface on the Swim hook up of its head, trim just a tiny bit off the front of the swimbait "Swim hook up" create a matching flat surface for a better connection. Super Glue seals the deal. Though not commonly sold for swimbaits, a football head will often crawl over and through rock better than a more streamlined head.

The line-thru feature was designed to improve hook-up ratios when using medium to large swimbaits. The hook comes free on the hookset, and the angler can battle directly with the fish. Traditionally, line-thru swimbaits have been used for shallow to mid-depth fishing and for targeting trophy bass, though smaller versions are available, and specialty designs allow for fishing in deeper Swim hook up.

Avoid grass where the exposed belly hook can snag. It shines when big bass are prowling the shallows. Use it for skipping docks or for general search duties in clear fisheries.

SWiM stands for Single Wire...

Some of the smaller sizes are perfect for targeting schooling bass in open water. Schoolers tend to swipe or bash a bait, and the treble hook could improve your hook-up ratio in that scenario. As this category grows, so does the number of uses. Traditionally, top-hook swimbaits have been big-bass seekers designed to be reeled at Swim hook up speeds where the hawgs live.

Fish each bait straight out of the package if you like, though be sure to choose a model with a sink rate or depth rating that matches the target area. Otherwise, there are dozens of ways to customize Swim hook up swimbaits, ranging from adding hooks to shaving tails for more action to custom paint jobs.

SWiM stands for Single Wire...

No self-respecting bass angler should be without at least one or two big top-hook swimbaits. There are plenty of specialty models and oddball creations. Size — Three factors should influence size choice: Bass size — At a big-bass fishery, throw a big bait, or vice versa; 3.

The bite — If fishing is tough, try downsizing swimbaits. Color — Shad patterns are most popular and they certainly work, especially where bass are feeding on shad.

Semi-translucent swimbaits work great in clear water.

Some glitter or a little shiny paint adds the effect of scales. In the shallows, try green pumpkin or combinations of green, brown, purple and orange — the colors of bream. Also, pure white and pure black can show Swim hook up in the depths or in murky water. And consider chartreuse if matching a ChatterBait or spinnerbait skirt.

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