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Itai shoshani wife sexual dysfunction


Roelcke, a mother of two children and experienced in the aviation industry recently filed a suit against Shoshani charging that he forced himself on her while she lived at a company apartment and was never compensated for her job responsibilities.

According to court papers, Roelcke said her duties at Zip Aviation included advertising, pilot staffing and running the company while Shoshani was away on business. The imbroglio began only a few months after Roelcke began working at Zip when she alleges that her boss invited her to join him for Itai shoshani wife sexual dysfunction at the SoHo Hotel.

She asserts that the two became so amorous at the bar that they were asked to leave, according to the court papers. Following this, Roelcke has said "Itai shoshani wife sexual dysfunction" she did not want the relationship to progress but alleges that she had no choice in the matter as Shoshani forced himself on her every morning while she lived at the company apartment that she moved into in January of She said he gained entry into the apartment that she was staying in by making a copy of her key.

Roelcke left the Zip offices in January of when she was fired from her position. Derek Smith who serves as legal representation for Roelcke has said that his client felt physically threatened by Shoshani and scared of the thought of running away as she would not receive the shares in the company that were promised to her by Shoshani.

There is no way she would have worked for Zip as long as she did without receiving compensation. She Itai shoshani wife sexual dysfunction probably smells money and has dollar signs in her eyes so she takes to manufacturing these scurrilous and baseless claims.

Shoshani denies all of her allegations in the strongest possible terms. The lawsuit is nothing more than a shake-down. Over the years they knew each other, Mr. Shoshani became increasingly concerned with Ms.

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