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Taps mugadza wife sexual dysfunction


September 29, CultureEntertainment. He recently celebrated a million views on You Tube.

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Yes in Zimbabwe a million hits on You Tube is historical and epic. Zimbabwe being a very small country with only a population of 14 million, it is very difficult for musicians to get a million views on You Tube. The second person in Zimbabwaen history to get more than a million hits on a musical video was Ammara Brown with her hit song with Tytan, Mukoko.

The third Zimbabwean musician to hit a million views is now of course the rising Jah Prayzah. There is no denying that because of his recent success, Jah Prayzah is without a doubt the most popular musician in Zimbabwe at the moment.

All I know is he is currently at the height of his career. I understand and respect that he is a public figure, successful, and adored by thousands. In her own words she said she used to have sexual intercourse with the married father of three in "Taps mugadza wife sexual dysfunction" to secure and keep her job as his dancer.

Gonyeti who was sacked by Jah Prayer in Augast feels extremely hurt by her former employer and believes what she endured under his leadership was nothing but sexual exploitation.

Its very tragic because these are the women who aid and help men to sexually abuse and exploit women in our society. The fact that Jah Prayzah is a married man does not faze them one bit.

Taps- Waiting For You (Official...

The fact that this married father sleeps around with his employers in order for them to keep their jobs does not faze them at all. Just because they are mesmerized by his music, all moral ethics has gone out of the window and now all their energy is directed at demonizing the woman that their idol allegedly abused. I was compelled to write this article because I know how hard it is to do what Gonyeti has done.

When a woman reports that she has been abused by a high profile person, she needs all the support she can get, even just one person to stand by her and believe her. It is more difficult to report such abuse in an African society, because sadly in Africa, abuse and exploitation of women are sometimes the norm. It is brushed under the Taps mugadza wife sexual dysfunction, ridiculed and the saddest thing is, the women who are victims of abuse are often castigated and called names, not only by the men, but mostly by other women especially Taps mugadza wife sexual dysfunction the case is involving an idolized celebrity.

Reporting sexual abuse is sometimes not even about being compensated or winning a court case. Its about telling the world what kind of a person the abuser really is. What their idol is really like beyond closed doors.

Hands off Hwange, Parly told

The bible says what they do in secret will be said on roof tops. By sharing her story, Gonyeti is saving another vulnerable girl or woman from being potentially sexually exploited by Jah Prayzah.

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