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Seagull poem jonathan livingston


This blog is no longer actively updated. You can now find us at http: The Breakfast Flock To fly was so much more than flapping wings and while the Breakfast Flock besieged the fleet that chummed the water, Jonathon had things to do 'sides squawk and dodge and fight to eat.

Seagull poem jonathan livingston thousand gulls began another day, their raucous screeching testimony to their group-think need to aggregate that way, for they could see no other thing to do.

Yet Jonathon would so much rather fly. He lived to fly while others flew to eat. He flew a hundred feet into the sky and practiced learning a new turning feat.

A disgrace others would not take so well, so tight a curve he tried, he stalled and fell. Level Flight So tight a curve he tried, he stalled and fell.

Richard Bach. Jonathan Livingston Seagull

But unashamed, though seagulls never stallhe stretched his wings and tried again- as well you note: He found that when less than a half wingspan above the water he could float on air, effortlessly, a most efficient plan that let him glide most far without a care. His dad and mother asked" "Why Jon, can't you be like all of the rest and leave low flying to the birds so tasked- the pelicans who surely Seagull poem jonathan livingston that best?

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