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Sanguine personality definition


Sanguine is one of the classic Four Temperaments, along with choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic. The temperament theory may have existed as far back as ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia but it was Hippocrates — the Greek physician — who included it "Sanguine personality definition" his medical theory. The roots of the Four Temperaments lie in the ancient four humors theory where four bodily fluids affect human personality traits and behaviors. Although later discoveries in Sanguine personality definition have disproved this theory, some personality type systems still continue to use the four categories or something similar in nature.

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This personality type is associated with air. As such, those who fall under this category are lively, sociable, carefree, talkative and pleasure-seeking.

They can also be warmhearted and optimistic Given their sociable trait, it is easy for them to make new friends as well as be imaginative and artistic — this also leads them to have so many ideas.

Due to their lively and carefree nature, a sanguine person can be flighty and changeable. Because of this, a person classified with the sanguine Sanguine personality definition type may have trouble following through with tasks and may at time be chronically late or forgetful.

The best way to reach out to a sanguine person is to awaken their love for a specific subject as well as Sanguine personality definition admiration of people. Put simply, a sanguine personality type is a social extrovert.

The Four temperament theory is...

Sanguine personality definition from being bubbly and chatty, they are also openly emotional. That in a nutshell is what a sanguine Sanguine personality definition type is all about. While everything mentioned about a sanguine person seems positive, there are some negative aspects as well. What Is a Sanguine Personality Type? This is their way of recharging and although they do spend some time alone, they find that rather boring. They feel better when surrounded by many people.

This also shows that a person of a sanguine nature enjoys the attention and they feel good about not being alone. They are always in the mood for a good time.

Ancient concept of four personality...

You might think of a sanguine person as someone who never runs out of energy. They are always up for a chat and they always seem to want to have fun. They can make friends easily. A sanguine person is not shy of strangers — they love talking to them and making new friends. While a person of melancholic nature will feel uncomfortable in a room with plenty people, a sanguine person will thrive in it; for them, this is a way to meet new friends.

They enjoy social situations. Parties and any other social gathering will make the sanguine person "Sanguine personality definition" at ease. A bad thing about this is that they expect others to feel the Sanguine personality definition way too.

They talk more than they listen. For some, this may not be so much an ideal trait because people like to have a conversation where the other can remember what they were told. They tend Sanguine personality definition move away from those they find boring. Although part of their trait is they are not at all picky about who they meet and Sanguine personality definition with, there is a side to them that veers away from those they deem dull.

They are very charismatic and playful. Although they have an emotional side, this tends to be fleeting. For example, they may openly hate you but be apologizing hours later; and they also expect everything to be forgotten by then.

In other words, they live in the moment and they expect this from others as well. They have an open sense of humor. In other words, they laugh and smile very often. They have extreme emotions. This may result in them having a period where they are really melodramatic. They can be self-loathing as well. Given this nature, a sanguine loves to receive compliments and praise.

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