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Metadating katawa shoujo emi


Rin TezukaTezuka Rin is a highly talented artist in class of Yamaku. Lacking arms due to a birth defect RAITA 's original sketch labelled her as a "Thalidomide Baby", Rin uses her feet, and occasionally her mouth, for all daily tasks.

This makes her ill-suited to wear the skirt and blouse of most female students at Yamaku, so she is permitted to wear Metadating katawa shoujo emi boy's uniform instead. Rin is a slim girl of average height, standing taller than both Shizune Hakamichi and Emi Ibarazaki.

She has close-cropped auburn hair, dark Metadating katawa shoujo emi eyes and is usually seen wearing a school uniform.

Unlike most girls, she wears the boys' uniform with her sleeves tied up in knots and a pair of black sandals.

Emi Ibarazaki (茨崎 笑美, Ibarazaki...

During her time in Sae's Galleryshe's still seen wearing her usual school shirt underneath a pair of blue overalls. Rin has a deadpan and confusing personality.

Hisao and Emi continue their...

She often speaks in simile riddles and can be hard to understand due to the fact Metadating katawa shoujo emi often speaks in a childish manner, despite this she can be serious when she needs to be. When Hisao Nakai befriends her Rin is very open with him. She acknowledges Hisao as her friend and quickly develops romantic feelings for him. When these feelings develop Rin is unable to express them through her speech, so she uses her art as an emotional conduit for Hisao.

Throughout this process she eventually becomes much more distanced from everyone in her life including Emi Ibarazakione of her closest friends at Yamaku Academy.

They didn't get to the...

For most of Rin's life her emotions were simply an imitation of those around her. Much of the emotion she expresses towards Hisao is genuine. Not much is stated about Rin's parents. However, her art teacher mentions how supportive they are when providing opportunities for their daughter.

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