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Homosexuality ancient hawaiian culture

Aikāne relationships were homosexual or...

P o lena pa'a 'ia iho ke aloha i kuleana like ai k a ua. S ame-sex relationships are an important part of our most traditional Hawaiian culture. The 'ohana or extended family often included same-sex relationships. T he special word for the people in these relationships was AIK A NEbut the Hawaiians used other words such as ho'ok a maka and lawakua.

C aptain Cook and his crews first noticed this when they met some of the aik a ne of the chiefs on Kaua'iM a uiand the Big Island. In fact, some of the Hawaiians asked the sailors to become their aik a ne!

M ost of the ruling chiefs, including Kamehameha the Great, had several aik a ne in their households. Sometimes children were raised specifically to enter the royal household and become the aik a ne of the chief. L egend tells us that this was the custom back to the beginning, including the household of the first parents, W a kea and Papa.

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