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As he walked down the deserted corridors, past framed watercolours celebrating the derring-do of white settlers at the time of the Great Trek, he paused outside a door and knocked. A voice said "Come in" and Mandela, who was 6ft, found himself looking up at a vast, second-row forward of a man, an Afrikaner by the name of John Reinders, chief of presidential protocol during the tenure both of the last white president, FW de Klerk, and his predecessor, PW Botha.

Reinders, who was packing away his belongings into cardboard boxes, replied: I am moving to another job. I served there as a major before coming to work here in the presidency. I know that department ve-ry well. I would not recommend doing that. Turning serious, Mandela proceeded to persuade Reinders to stay.

We do Andries pretorius wife sexual dysfunction know how to administer a body as complex as the presidency of South Africa. We need the help of experienced people such as yourself. I would ask you, please, to stay at your post. I intend only to serve for one presidential term and Andries pretorius wife sexual dysfunction, of course, you would be free to do as you wish.

Reinders, as astonished as he was charmed, needed no further explanations. Slowly, shaking his head in wonder, he began to empty his boxes. Reinders, whose eyes filled with tears as he recalled that story some time later, told me that during the five years he had served at Mandela's side, travelling far and wide with him, he had received nothing but courtesy and kindness.

Mandela treated him with the same respect, he said, as he showed the president of the United States, the pope or Britain's Queen, who, incidentally, adored him. Mandela must have been the only person in the world, with the possible exception of the Duke of Edinburgh, who always called her "Elizabeth" — or at least who was able to do so without drawing even a shadow of a rebuke.

A friend of mine who was having dinner with him once at his home in Johannesburg recalled how a servant came in with a portable phone. It was the Queen on the line. Smiling broadly, Mandela put the phone to his ear and exclaimed: How are the children? What Mandela's relationship with Reinders — the same as it was with all his staff, however humble their position — reveals is the secret of his success as a political leader.

If politics is about winning people over, Mandela, as numerous other politicians have attested, was the master of the game. He had at his command an irresistibly seductive cocktail that combined boundless charm born of a vast self-confidence with inflexible principle, strategic vision and the canniest pragmatism. The attitude he adopted towards Reinders was the same one he displayed to his interlocutors in the apartheid government when he first met them in secret talks during the last five years of the and-a-half he spent in prison; it was the one he showed the white population as a whole in eventually convincing practically the totality of them that, far from being a fearful terrorist, as they had been programmed to believe during his captivity, he was as much their rightful president as he was black South Africa's uncrowned king.

It would have been much harder for him to prevail on white South Africa to Andries pretorius wife sexual dysfunction apartheid and relinquish power before he went to prison, inand harder still 20 years earlier, when he signed up for the black freedom struggle.

The man responsible for recruiting him was Walter Sisulu, a shrewd labour activist who at the time of that fateful meeting Mandela would later joke that he would have spared himself a great deal of trouble had he never met Sisulu was a labour activist with more than 10 years behind him in the movement that would eventually spearhead black South Africa's liberation, the African National Congress ANC.

Back then, Mandela was a young man on the make, freshly arrived in Johannesburg from rural Transkei, where he had been born and raised in what passed, amid the general squalor of his surroundings, for tribal privilege. That he had also received a solid secondary education did not disguise the fact that, standing there in the labour activist's office, he was the country bumpkin to Sisulu the city slicker.

Yet it was Sisulu, 30 years old to Mandela's 24, who was impressed, glimpsing in Mandela the seed of a talent for politics that would take many years of struggle and sacrifice to mature. Recalling five decades later how he had sized up the young man standing tall before him in his office, Sisulu said: His demeanour, his warmth … I was looking for people of calibre to fill positions of leadership and he was a godsend to me.

It took little time for Sisulu to convince Mandela, then working towards a degree in law, to join his cause. Mandela succeeded on both counts, going on to set up a law firm with another ANC leader, Oliver "Andries pretorius wife sexual dysfunction."