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Polysexual dragon

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The finished pieces of this series-in-progress can be found herePolysexual dragon the to-do list is here. This design is also available on TeePublic and Redbubble. Remember to always trust yourself about…yourself! Even then though, this definition may be a stretch.

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I would suggest doing more research and asking more blogs, but this question interests Polysexual dragon so much that I am doing some research of my own and will post another answer ASAP. Thank you for your question!

You could definitely consider this poly. For you and those who are curious: You are mainly attracted to cis men "Polysexual dragon" genderqueer ppl, but sometimes cis girls too. This may be defined as polysexual but it could also be bisexual. Do research, ask more blogs, do what feels right for you!

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There is probably someone who could explain it better than me, but ply and bi are two branches on the tree of multisexuality. Polysexual dragon hope that helps!

But as I always try to point out on this page, what you choose to call your "Polysexual dragon" identity is up to you make no mistake, this is not a suggestion that sexuality is chosen, just that the title is, ie.

I admire your effort to figure this out yourself and I wish you the best in this and everything! Say you like girls, boys, transgender individuals, etc, Are you pan?

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You could say yes, and that would be fine, but you could also feel that pansexuality is Polysexual dragon broad of a term for your attraction. If you want to keep identifying pansexual then I applaud your looking into your sexuality.

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