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Homosociality and homosexuality and christianity


A Conversation on Homosexuality Herald Press ]. In seeking discernment concerning the controversy over intimate same-sex relationships among Christians, we must learn better to understand points of view different from our own.

In sociology, homosociality means same-sex...

This essay represents my attempt to do so. I will be describing the main arguments of several recent scholars who, in general, may be seen as reflecting two different understanding of biblical teaching. Compassion and Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate. Our understanding of appropriate human sexual expression should follow from Genesis. The creation account makes four crucial points regarding sexuality.

Same-sex sexual relationships, according to Schmidt, are problematic in a fundamental way. They reflect an implicit rejection of the very order of creation — and in doing so they reflect a rejection of God. Same-sex sexual relationships undermine the sanctity of opposite-sex marriage. They declare that a different expression of sexuality outside of the God-created intent for human beings is good The biblical teaching against same-sex sexual intimacy in the rest of the Bible all presupposes the Genesis portrayal of normative marriage Homosociality and homosexuality and christianity is consistent with that portrayal.

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