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Wei hua fdating


Conceived and designed the experiments: The Xujiayao-Houjiayao site in Nihewan Basin is among the most important Paleolithic sites in China for having provided a rich collection of hominin and mammalian fossils and lithic artifacts. Based on biostratigraphical correlation and exploratory results from a variety of dating methods, the site has been widely accepted as early Upper Pleistocene in time.

Two quartz samples from a lower Wei hua fdating horizon give a weighted mean age of 0.

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The site is comprised Wei hua fdating two localities: While the first stone artifacts were discovered at the former locality, it is from the latter locality that an overwhelming majority of th e archaeological materials have been recovered, which include 19 hominin fossils traditionally assigned to archaic Homo sapiensmore than 30, lithic Wei hua fdating and an abundance of mammalian fossils [ 1 — 5 ]. Almost all of the publications and chronological studies have dealt with the latter locality.

This explains why the site was initially named Xujiayao, but later renamed Xujiayao-Houjiayao by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China and simply as Houjiayao by the archaeologists in Hebei Province. Here we will follow its formal nomenclature as Xujiayao-Houjiayao hereafter X-Hbut refer specifically to Locality With an exceedingly rich recovery of archaeological and fossil remains the X-H site is among the most important Paleolithic sites in China.

Its precise chronological position is Wei hua fdating for clarifying highly debated issues of Middle Pleistocene human evolution in China. The upper sketch shows the topographic map of Nihewan Basin and the neighboring Yanggao and Yuxian Basins.

The lower one shows the positions of the Localities and of the site modified from Wang et al. Based on faunal composition Jia and Wei [ 1 ] first broadly attributed the site to the Upper Pleistocene.